Immigration Headlines – Jan 25, 2016

Supreme Court Test Looms for Obama Amnesty

“President Obama’s use of executive power is facing another major test at the Supreme Court, this time on the contentious issue of immigration,” The Hill says.

“Programs he launched through executive action last year to shield as many as 5 million immigrants from deportations have been on hold since a federal judge ruled that Texas and 25 other states have a legitimate basis to challenge the programs.”

Cruz Says Trump Wasn’t Fighting Gang of 8 Bill

“Inside this barren, dimly-lit community center, a fast-talking Ted Cruz decided to play a bit of offense Saturday evening. How could we secure the border, a man asked? Don’t elect Donald Trump,” CNN reported.

“‘There’s another candidate in this race who talks quite a bit about immigration — and everything else,’ Cruz said, a line he added to his stump speech Saturday, recalling the Capitol Hill fight that tried to grant citizenship to those here illegally. ‘I would just encourage you to ask a question: Where were they then?’”

A GOP Dissident’s View

“From FDR to President Obama, the federal government has expanded the welfare state and its entitlement mentality to catastrophic proportions. Obama governs like a reckless gringo caudillo, with no regard for our nation’s laws, deciding which immigration statutes to enforce. Worst of all, migrants today do not assimilate. I spoke with high ranking officials in the California Republican Party, and they bristled at that word “assimilation.” If migrants seeking asylum or a new life do not like that word, then why come in the first place?” says Arthur Schaper at

DHS Prosecutions Drop 36 Percent

“Criminal prosecution of immigration offenses over the past five years is down 36 percent, and the once-successful program of detaining illegal immigrants in state and local jails is in free fall, down by two-thirds, according reports from two federal agencies,” the Washington Examiner reports.

“Justice Department statistics show that criminal prosecutions for crimes such as unlawful re-entry by an illegal in November totalled 4,861, down 13.2 percent over the previous month. Over the past year, that number is down 22.3 percent.”


  1. avatar Damien says:

    Some former employees of The Walt Disney Company – which recently replaced several hundred American IT workers with H-1B workers – have now officially filed a class action lawsuit against the company over the incident.

    Most, if not all, of other similar lawsuits have not been successful, and have either been thrown out by Federal Judges, or have been decided in favor of the Employers. It remains to be seen whether this case will turn out any differently.

  2. avatar William says:

    Isn’t there a deadline approaching on responding to Obama’s new rules on H-1Bs that was issued on 12/31/2015? Is FAIR going to provide links to respond and comment?

  3. Obama’s Burned Out

    And now states he wouldn’t run for a 3rd term even if he could.