Immigration Headlines – Jan 22, 2016

Trump Ad Goes After Cruz on Immigration

“For much of the new year, Donald Trump has hit Ted Cruz on everything from immigration and his ties to Goldman Sachs to speculating that he might not be eligible for the presidency based on his Canadian birth. In a new ad released on Friday, Trump launched an attack on the Texas senator’s record on immigration, painting him as pro-immigration reform and pro-amnesty,” Politico reports.

Democrats Fume Over For-Show Enforcement Efforts

“Tension between Democratic lawmakers and the White House ran high this month, as members of Congress denounced the administration’s recent immigration raids. The frustration culminated in a series of press conferences and a letter to the president. At the heart of the dispute is a question: Are Central Americans arriving in the U.S. properly treated as illegal immigrants, or refugees?” The Atlantic says.

“At the start of January, federal immigration authorities apprehended 121 adults and children who had crossed the U.S. border illegally and had been issued orders of removal by an immigration court.”

Some Deportations Are Still Happening, Which Is a Problem for Mother Jones

“As you all know, the Supreme Court has agreed to rule on the legality of President Obama’s 2014 immigration program—Deferred Action for Parental Accountability, or DAPA. Like DACA, the “mini-DREAM” rule that Obama established in 2012, DAPA codifies the president’s ability to direct prosecutorial resources by explicitly telling immigration agents to do what they’ve mostly been doing anyway: ignore undocumented immigrants who have clean records and have been in the US for a long time. The key word here is “mostly.” Nearly all immigrants who fit the DAPA criteria are left untouched, but immigration agents continue to randomly deport some of them,” says Kevin Drum at Mother Jones.

Florida Bill to Penalize Sanctuary Cities Passes State House

“Florida may be able to penalize cities, counties and sheriffs who do not enforce federal immigration laws. A House panel on Thursday voted along party lines for a sweeping measure sponsored by Rep. Larry Metz. The measure heads next to the full House for a vote,” CBS News reports.

“Metz says he sponsored the bill (HB 675) in response to a 2015 incident in San Francisco in which a woman was fatally shot by a Mexican immigrant. The suspect had been released earlier that year by the San Francisco County sheriff’s office, despite a request by federal immigration authorities to detain him.”


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  1. Trump is Right

    Almost all establishment Reps support amnesty sooner or later. Even Trump leaves that door open to a degree by saying he won’t support amnesty until we have real immigration enforcement and the Trump Wall gets built. We’ll see what that means after the wall is constructed?.