Immigration Headlines Jan 21, 2016

Has the Number of Illegal Aliens Declined?

“The number of immigrants living in the U.S. illegally is at its lowest in more than a decade and, for the first time in years, has probably dropped below 11 million,” the LA Times says.

“A new study by the Center for Migration Studies estimates that 10.9 million immigrants are living in the country without authorization. That is the lowest level since 2003 and the first time the number has dipped below 11 million since 2004.”

Court Test Could Affect Presidential Power

“The U.S. Supreme Court challenge to President Barack Obama’s immigration policies could have an impact far beyond determining whether millions of undocumented immigrants can remain in the country. The case has the potential to constrain the power of Obama’s successor to bypass Congress and act alone,” Reuters says.

“Should Obama’s order blocking deportations for certain immigrants be invalidated by the justices, the decision could hamper future presidents’ ability to craft policy through executive fiat, legal experts told Reuters.”

Gov. Haley Learns The Hard Way on Immigration

“Nikki Haley, the governor of South Carolina, is the latest Republican to learn how important immigration has become to conservatives. In her response to the State of the Union address, she argued both that immigrants should be made to feel welcome and that we have to maintain control of our immigration policy. For these comments, she was denounced in some quarters as a moderate who had declared war on her own party’s strongest supporters. Both the speech and the reaction offer more evidence that immigration control is becoming a more important, and defining, issue for conservatives,” Ramesh Ponnuru writes.

Ovestayed Visa Numbers Latest Obama Immigration Scandal

“Yesterday the U.S. Customs and Border Protection agency issued a report titled ‘Entry/Exit Overstay Report, Fiscal Year 2015.”’ The report is limited in scope: it relates only to overstays of individuals admitted as temporary visitors for business or pleasure. It does not include overstays of visa categories like students or workers on H-1B or H-2B visas, and it covers only one year. Nevertheless, the figures are staggering. The Border Protection report concludes that during FY 2015, 527,127 individuals overstayed their authorized period of stay. At the end of the fiscal year, 482,781 of these individuals were still inside the United States. Basically, the Obama administration made no attempt to enforce the law,” Powerlineblog says.

Wisconsin Anti-Sanctuary Bill Opposed by Immigrants

“Immigrant advocates on Wednesday carpooled to the state Capitol. They went to voice opposition to several bills, including one that would penalize so-called sanctuary cities. They basically shelter undocumented immigrants or, at least, look the other way. We met up with a group of about 20 immigrant advocates before they boarded a bus in Milwaukee to head to Madison,” reported.

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  1. They Call ‘Em Undocumented Immigrants

    How in the Hades can you count even a fraction of ‘em….they’re undocumented.

  2. avatar Leland says:

    If you check the board of trustees of the “Center for Migration Studies”, this is essentially run by the Catholic Church. Most all of the members are either priests or have some connection to the church. This is the same church that has basically been for open borders, insisting that it is our obligation to take in the poor their birth control policies helped to produce.

    There was a study done by Pew Research that also claimed that the number of illegals in this country had fallen because so many Mexicans had returned home. But much of their research was based on data provided by the corrupt government of Mexico, a country that has an interest in keeping an open border.

    And the studies are not legitimate because they tend to focus on Mexicans, while ignoring those from the numerous people from Central America and other countries that cross the border, and the 40% of illegals who overstayed visas. Even assuming a lot of Mexicans may have gone back, which is doubtful, where is there any proof that the other groups and nationalities have left the country.

    • avatar Leland says:

      Just to add to this, when California began issuing licenses to illegals this past year, the numbers applying were well above the numbers initially projected. Which suggests the illegal population is underestimated, not overestimated. Those are hard numbers, not someone’s theory.