Immigration Headlines – Jan 15, 2015

Rubio Immigration Stance Draws More Attention

“A Latin singing duo had just finished warming up the crowd for Senator Marco Rubio on Sunday here when he looked out from the stage and asked if he might offer a few words in Spanish,” the New York Times wrote.

“His presidential campaign had taken him far from home lately, to New Hampshire, Iowa and South Carolina, he said, racing through his words with the fluency of a native speaker. He was glad to be back.”

Supreme Court to Decide Soon on Whether to Hear Obama Amnesty Appela

“The Supreme Court could announce as early as Friday if it will be taking up President Obama’s appeal to save his executive action on immigration, according to a Reuters report,” The Hill says.

“The news service reported early Friday that the nine Supreme Court justices were set to meet privately on whether to hear the White House appeal to a pair of lower court rulings that found invalid Obama’s move to shield 4 million immigrants from deportation.”

“Crackdown” Focuses on Barely 100

“Federal agents are cracking down on people in the U.S. illegally, including women and children, as dozens of people have recently been taken into custody,” WRAL says.

“The WRAL News documentary “The Journey Alone” took viewers to the U.S.-Mexico border in the summer of 2014, a time when authorities reported a record number of children crossing the border by themselves. Now, many of the same children are facing deportation.”

Rise in Terror Plots Tied to More Immigration

“There is growing concern on Capitol Hill that a recent spike in the number of foreigners arrested in the United States on terrorism charges is the result of a flawed Obama administration immigration policy that will grant residence to around 170,000 individuals from Muslim-majority nations in the coming year, according to conversations with lawmakers and congressional sources,” the Free Beacon says.

“With the indictment last week of two Iraqi refugees who allegedly conspired with ISIS, a number of lawmakers are now warning that poor screening methods and an administration plan to boost immigration will endanger national security.”

Florida Bills Would Stop Sanctuary Cities, Improve Enforcement

“Hundreds of people from around Florida arrived at the Capitol this week to protest several measures they say discriminate against immigrants who make up the backbone of the state’s tourism and agricultural industries,” reports.

“The bills, which create tougher deportation penalties, prohibit cities from creating sanctuaries for immigrants and require local law enforcement to cooperate with federal immigration officials to round up undocumented workers, were filed in response to a perceived failure of the federal government to enforce immigration laws.”



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    Love foreign born candidates to make their open border point….pathetic. Let’s let the courts decide this issue for once.