Immigration Headlines – Jan 13, 2016

Democrats Want Obama To Stop Enforcement

“Congressional Democrats continue to tangle with the Obama administration over a series of immigration raids carried out over the holidays as President Obama prepared for his final State of the Union address to Congress,” ABC News reports.

“Democrats, led by the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, have protested a number of raids carried out in southern states by Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers against illegal immigrants from Central America — 121 adults and children who had been ordered to leave the country by a judge.”

Senate to Consider Suspending Syrian Refugee Program

“Amid heightened concerns about the threat of terrorism from refugees fleeing Syria and Iraq, the Senate next week will consider whether to suspend a controversial program allowing refugees from those countries into the U.S. that drew scrutiny after the recent terrorist attacks in Paris. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said Tuesday a vote on whether to begin debate on the bill will take place next Wednesday. Sixty votes will be needed for it to advance to a vote and the outcome is uncertain, according to leadership aides in both parties,” CNN reports.

Obama Has Few Mentions of Immigration in State of the Union

“After nearly three years of fierce partisan battles over immigration reform, President Obama didn’t talk much about the topic in his final State of the Union address,” the Washington Post says.

“He listed “fixing a broken immigration system” among the policy priorities he will keep pushing in his last year in office. But after a failed effort to push a comprehensive border-control bill through a divided Congress two years ago, the president recognized that he has virtually no hope of accomplishing a major overhaul with Republicans in full control on Capitol Hill.”

Democrats Have an Immigration Problem

“Democrats already have the luxury of being far less offensive, whatever position they take on immigration. But they must take a position, and that position must draw a line between legal and illegal. To do so, they can’t flinch when advocates of open borders unleash unpleasant accusations against any Democrat who attempts to honor that line,” says columnist Froma Harop.

Ryan’s Real Immigration Record

“Although New Year’s confetti is still being cleaned off the floors, Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) already issued a statement that could easily be a contender for the most remarkable statement of 2016. In a Monday interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper, Paul Ryan declared without a trace of humor that ‘People who know my record know that I’m for border enforcement, border control, not for amnesty,’” says Breitbart News.

“But a review of Paul Ryan’s record demonstrates a two-decade history of pushing amnesty and mass immigration. In fact, Ryan has developed perhaps the most open borders record in Congress– for members of either party. And Ryan was instrumental in blocking an effort to reduce immigration in the 1990′s, changing forever the course of American history.”

Border Crisis Re-Igniting

“Border apprehensions of migrant women with children and migrant youth from Central America continued sharp rises in December, underscoring concern about the violence in the sending countries,” the Dallas Morning News says.

“Fresh numbers released this morning show the largest increase in family units, generally mothers travelling with small children. Those numbers nearly tripled, representing 21,469 persons for the first three months of this fiscal year, compared to 7,468 in the previous period, according to the U.S. Customs and Border Protection. Unlawful crossings typically go down in the winter months.”

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