Immigration Headlines – Jan 7, 2016

Religious Groups Offer Sanctuary to Illegal Aliens

“Religious groups and activists vowed Wednesday to offer refuge to illegal immigrants who are the targets of ongoing federal raids meant to combat a new wave of border-crossing from Central America. The announcement recalled the sanctuary movement of the 1980s that provided safe haven to several thousand people fleeing civil wars in El Salvador and Guatemala, with churches in Los Angeles, Chicago and other cities sometimes filled with people seeking asylum in the United States,” the Washington Post says.

ICE Raids Prompt Concern from Illegal Aliens

“The rumors had been flying in the New York area since Saturday: Officials from Immigration and Customs Enforcement had swooped into churches and public schools, dragged away an undocumented family at the Staten Island Mall, pulled over drivers on the Southern State Parkway and set up blockades in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, and at the Staten Island Ferry. None of it appeared to be true,” the New York Times wrote.

“But in the wake of the Department of Homeland Security’s announcement that over the weekend it had started deporting families, particularly those from Central America who had entered the United States illegally in the last 18 months, no one — not even immigration lawyers — could separate fact from fiction.”

Does the GOP Need a New Immigration Position?

“No matter who wins the GOP’s presidential primary, the Trump phenomenon calls for some soul-searching on the right. One obvious place to start is immigration, since everyone agrees anti-immigrant sentiment is a big driver of Trump’s success,” says Pascal Emmanuel Gobry.

“Policy elites, on both sides of the aisle, have ignored the legitimate concerns of the white working class for decades — and the Trump surge may be comeuppance. Some 13 percent of the U.S. population today was born abroad. That’s up from less than 5 percent in 1970. But white, working-class voters now form the Republican Party’s base. For over 10 years now, a band of intellectuals known as “reform conservatives” have been arguing it’s time to pay attention to their concerns. One of the sharpest reform conservatives, and one of the earliest to understand the problem, has been National Review Executive Editor Reihan Salam.”

Attacks in Germany Prompt Demonstration

“Police in Germany are investigating what they describe as a series of mass sexual assaults that allegedly took place on New Year’s Eve in Cologne, Hamburg and other cities and allegedly involved men of Middle East and North African descent. Three suspects have been identified but their names have not been made public. The identity of the attackers has ramped up tensions over migration. Hundreds of people gathered in Cologne Tuesday night to protest against the attacks,” VOANews says.

Obama Administration Looks at Military Bases to House Surge of Illegal Aliens

“The new surge of illegal immigrant youths has forced the federal government to look at an emergency plan to house them at six military bases at at least two federal worker centers, according to the administration. The Pentagon is beginning “site assessments” at bases as far north as North Dakota and Massachusetts,” the Washington Examiner says.

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  1. avatar Kurt thialfad says:

    Reihan Salam is a Muslim.

  2. avatar Kyle says:

    Barack should be impeached and behind bars for the surge at our southern border! After all, it was his blatant failure of sworn duty and illegal alien brown nosing, that has created this tragic dilemma in the first place.

  3. avatar Leland says:

    “Policy elites, on both sides of the aisle, have ignored the legitimate concerns of the white working class for decades-and the Trump surge may be comeuppance.” The black working class needs to be just as concerned too, because they are highly impacted by the massive flood of low education foreign born. A little less time spent on worrying about hoodlums like M. Brown, and more spent on real issues would be in order.

    I will never understand the working class listening to the likes of Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Michael Bloomberg and George Soros tell them how great mass immigration is. It’s great for them, who are billionaires already, because they get lower wage workers, but it’s just more competition for jobs among the working and middle classes.

    Trump was always a fierce opponent of the proposed 12 nation TPP ” free trade” deal, unlike Hillary who previously called it the “gold standard” of trade deals. None of these deals, including the 2012 Korea deal, has produced anything but the exact opposite of the promises. Our deficits with Korea have more than doubled since the deal went through.

    And despite bogus media claims to the contrary, Trump never said in one of the debates that China was part of the TPP deal. He said they would use it through “the back door”, since China could ship raw material like steel to a TPP country like Vietnam and that country could use it for products and then ship those products here, which lets China avoid US tariffs. But don’t expect the media to get it straight.

    • avatar William says:

      Nobody in the MSM has ever asked Hillary her opinion of Bill Clinton’s NAFTA trade law. NAFTA has cost America millions of jobs and we get illegal aliens in return. Now good old Billy is going to stump for Hillary. My advise Billy don’t do it, your time has come and gone and you can thank NAFTA for it. As shrewd as Trump is he has never fired any NAFTA salvos towards Hillary. Career politicians have worked every trade deal and each has put the screws to the American worker so its time to have Trump negotiate the deals.