President ObamaDuring President Obama’s Tuesday speech announcing his new executive order on guns, he teared up talking about those who have lost their lives to gun violence.

What the president claims he wants is enforcement of the laws in order to protect the American people. Well President Obama, we couldn’t agree more.

Let’s punish those who are breaking the law instead of reward them. If somebody does something illegal (like cross the border), let’s not reward them with free education, healthcare, and jobs. We have laws in this country to protect Americans, and when we ignore those laws, whether they are immigration or gun laws, it should come at a price.

Just ask the friends of Kate Steinle, or the parents of 7-week-old baby Emily Cortez, or the husband of Sviatlana Dranko, all of whom were murdered by illegal aliens, if they think we should be enforcing immigration laws. These are just a few of the thousands of homicides committed by illegal aliens each year.

There is a reason it is referred to as ‘illegal immigration.’ Rewarding illegal aliens with benefits not only is unfair to those immigrants who play by the rules, but it further weakens respect for our nation’s laws – laws President Obama so passionately wants enforced.

President Obama’s emotional display in his speech against gun violence has stirred up a conversation about gun violence and enforcing laws. It makes me wonder why he had no tears – or even words – regarding the murder of Kate Steinle. And wonder whether he is only concerned with enforcing laws that suit his own political agenda.