If the President Wants to Protect Public Safety, He Can Start Enforcing Immigration Laws

President ObamaDuring President Obama’s Tuesday speech announcing his new executive order on guns, he teared up talking about those who have lost their lives to gun violence.

What the president claims he wants is enforcement of the laws in order to protect the American people. Well President Obama, we couldn’t agree more.

Let’s punish those who are breaking the law instead of reward them. If somebody does something illegal (like cross the border), let’s not reward them with free education, healthcare, and jobs. We have laws in this country to protect Americans, and when we ignore those laws, whether they are immigration or gun laws, it should come at a price.

Just ask the friends of Kate Steinle, or the parents of 7-week-old baby Emily Cortez, or the husband of Sviatlana Dranko, all of whom were murdered by illegal aliens, if they think we should be enforcing immigration laws. These are just a few of the thousands of homicides committed by illegal aliens each year.

There is a reason it is referred to as ‘illegal immigration.’ Rewarding illegal aliens with benefits not only is unfair to those immigrants who play by the rules, but it further weakens respect for our nation’s laws – laws President Obama so passionately wants enforced.

President Obama’s emotional display in his speech against gun violence has stirred up a conversation about gun violence and enforcing laws. It makes me wonder why he had no tears – or even words – regarding the murder of Kate Steinle. And wonder whether he is only concerned with enforcing laws that suit his own political agenda.

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  1. avatar Not Politically Correct says:

    I highly doubt those “tears” were even real. I bet the only time he actually cries is over a bad golf score.

  2. avatar Gene Huskisson says:

    Why was there no tears for the children slaughtered by ISIS?Why no tears for 55 million babies mutilated and crying as they are torn from the womb?How about a tear for the beheading of news people and humanitarian aid workers?Why are we paying big salaries to elected officials not doing their jobs?I constantly receive emails for donations to fight the corruption.One of the main jobs for officials is to keep the game honest.How much money should we pay for them to do what they were hired to do?Are we suppost to pay extra for them to read a bill before it is passed?Do we spend billions of dollars for prisons just to house the low income and law abiding citizens?Who do we hold accountable for the wrongs inflicted on the american tax paying citizens.Is it the christians that teach honesty and thy shalt not kill responsible for all the corruption?Could it be wrong to kill,rape and mutilate people because they don’t believe like you do?This is very confuseing for people looking for answers from the power that be……..

    • avatar wildeagleone says:

      If the potus is truly worried about the safety all the citizens in america, maybe the honorable thing would be to resign

      • avatar Fed*Up says:

        Protect the citizens as it is stated in the Constitution. THEN worry about anyone else as it applies to the Constitution. These asshats that have been elected don’t remember who they were elected to serve….the CITIZENS…NOT IMMIGRANTS who are here to prove they are worthy of becoming a citizen.

      • avatar Islandgirl says:

        I agree. Long over due. Worst President we have ever had when it comes to, protecting it’s citizens and enforcing those laws that would do exactly that. He has no tears for those killed because these things are not done.

  3. avatar Dorie says:

    If you look at the picyure of him acting like he is wiping a fake tear out of his eye, Look what finger he used. It isthe finger that people use when there flipping spme one offf. THIS IS NOT A MISTAKE. HOW many people will even notice. He is so childish to even do something like that BUT him ACTING LIKE A PRESIDENT To DO THAT IS VERY IGNORANT.

    What is it going to0o take for People to WAKE UP TO THE EVIL WE HAVE FRAUDULENTLY SETTING IN OUT OVAL OFFICE???


  4. avatar Dean says:

    He’s just pushing gun control because the USA is the only member of the UN that guarantees the right of the citizens to be able to protect themselves from abuse from the government. Just one of the ways the UN is trying to override our Constitution. With the way the UN members rule their citizens, there is no way a president of a free society would even consider following the lead of the UN.

  5. avatar SecBorders says:

    If our “mainstream media” reported on a daily basis every violent crime committed by an illegal alien, and identified the perpetrator of the crime as an illegal alien, it would be harder for politicians like Obama to ignore these crimes. But our media focuses only on the crimes that further their agenda, just like Obama.

  6. avatar Kyle says:

    When you’re a self centered and useless POS like Barack is, nothing else matters than ones warped mentality!

  7. avatar Leland says:

    The truth is that he goes out of his way to issue executive orders that undermine immigration laws. Whatever he wants done and Congress refuses, he then thinks he has the right to order it whether it conflicts with the clear intent of the law or not. He has no concept of the Constitution or he doesn’t care. Likely it’s both. The ends justify the means for him.

    • avatar Gene says:

      When we the people decide to do our job and restore the White House and install the constitution back in it and bring back the christian principles the country was founded on,then and only then will we be saved.

  8. Its Like Smokey the Bear Trying to Prevent Forest Fires

    By handing out open border matches to everyone.