Immigration Headlines – Jan 6, 2015

Cruz Takes More Aggressive Stance on Immigration

“Ted Cruz is trying to trump Donald Trump on immigration. While campaigning this week in Iowa, where he’s leading the polls ahead of that state’s Feb. 1 presidential caucuses, Cruz suggested he’ll be tougher on people in the U.S. illegally than his rival for the Republican nomination,” Bloomberg News says.

“‘There’s a difference,’ Cruz told a questioner at an event in Boone. ‘He’s advocated allowing folks to come back in and become citizens. I oppose that.’ The remark was caught on video and first reported by BuzzFeed.”

Illegal Aliens Told to Stay Indoors to Avoid Deportation

“As immigration agents carry out an Obama administration plan to round up Central American immigrants who have not complied with final deportation orders, consulates, activists and attorneys are scrambling to advise those targeted of their rights. The Salvadoran Embassy in Washington D.C. set up a hotline for those affected by the raids,” Fox News Latino says.

Unresolved Immigration Issues

“Though there are many immigration issues that came into greater focus in 2015 — from the highly controversial H-1B cheap labor agenda, to the H-2B controversies — the following still-unresolved issues were on the forefront of everyone’s mind and must be addressed in 2016,” says Jon Feere at The Hill.

New Cruz Ad Knocks Open Borders, Media

“GOP presidential contender Ted Cruz took aim at the “mainstream media” Tuesday by charging in a new television ad that it would see the issue of illegal immigration through a different prism if a herd of lawyers, bankers and journalists were charging across the U.S.-Mexico border,” the Washington Times wrote.

“The new “invasion” ad depicts a swarm of women in high heels, and men in black suits and ties, with some carrying briefcases atop their heads, others struggling to hang onto their laptop computers, sprinting across a desert and clumsily wading across a river.”

Trump Supporters are Doomsayers, says NR Writer

“The American Right is divided between those who think our country has serious problems and those who think it is teetering on the edge of collapse. Donald Trump’s rise has been fueled by the latter group, which sees itself as Cassandra, accurately surveying and desperately trying to revive a ‘crippled America,’ as Trump titled his book,” says Jim Geraghty at National Review.

“The edge-of-extinction crowd hasn’t just failed to persuade the rest of the Right; they’ve failed to persuade the mass of voters. Americans tell pollsters the country is headed in the wrong direction, but they’re not apocalyptic about it. To everyone else, the Doomsayers come across as paranoid, race-obsessed hysterics.”



  1. Immigration Enforcement Wasn’t a Politically Correct Plan Until Trump Shook the Establishment Up

    Cruz didn’t start us on that path, none of Dem/Reps in the Establishment Camp wanted us Americans to really have FULL freedom of speech on immigration issues. Trump gave this back to Americans.

    • avatar William says:

      You are right, Trump’s positions on immigration has given new life to saving our country. The saying “History favors the bold.” comes to mind. He is a leader, not a follower. Trump forced the immigration topic out of the MSM’s suppression and into the light of day. As they say “Immigration is like a fish laying in the sun, the more light it gets the stronger the smell”.

      Anne Coulter and her timely best-selling book “Adios America” deserves credit . Senator Jeff Sessions deserves credit for being a tireless patriot in this critical period of our Republic. Senator Sessions should be sitting on the U.S. Supreme court. Trump sensed the pulse of America and seized upon it again showing why he is a very successful business man.

  2. avatar Leland says:

    Some major logic failures in Jim Geraghty’s National Review article. He says “Tell the 55,000 Hispanic police officers that they’re culturally incapable of upholding the rule of law.” Laughable, when you consider that the overwhelming majority of Hispanics, as shown in poll after poll, think the nation’s immigration laws don’t apply to their group and any one who breaks those laws should be rewarded with citizenship.

    He also notes the $800 million being spent under Operation Secure Texas to guard that states borders which includes that state’s National Guard on the borders. That negates Geraghty’s whole point, which is “We have a border and a lot is being done to secure it.”

    Hello? A state should not be spending nearly a billion dollars to secure a NATIONAL border. Hello? The fact that Texas must do it is a sign that the federal government will not. And what about the other states who are not doing those things? And what about those who overstay visas that have a leave date on them? Geraghty is another in a long line of shallow thinkers who label those who point out the obvious about our lack of border enforcement as “race-obsessed hysterics”. Inevitably, guys like him turn to name calling.

    • avatar William says:

      Excellent points! I read the article and the name calling sounds like someone who has lost the argument and is resorting to his base personality. The polls that he cites can be slanted anyway you want. These polls are basic propaganda made to persuade a person to stay with the mainstream status quo. People are just so stressed with making a living that they have little time to get information from non-mainstream media sources. I use social media to get the word out as often as I can.

      A former co-worker had married a Mexican girl and would make trips to the Texas border to visit with the family. This trip usually included a fishing trip to the close-by Rio Grande. There would be U.S. Border patrol agents nearby but nobody was coming across the river…. until the agents went to lunch. Then the river was swarming with illegals crossing over(He counted several dozen). He said this happened every day like clockwork. Not a bad job sit on your duff and do nothing break for lunch and then sit on your ***, where do I apply for this job? Reminds me of the U.S. border patrol successful efforts of picking up illegals in Erie, Pa’s bus station being redirected to watch over Lake Erie for the illegal alien armada then never came and never existed.

      Jon Feere’s article was good. His three points:
      1. Kate Steinle’s Death in Sanctuary City San Francisco.
      I wonder if Kate’s family has standing according to our liberal courts?
      2. America’s inability to vet Refugees, deter terrorists.
      We couldn’t even identify that a phony address was used by one of the LA terrorists on her immigration paper work. I guarantee that the “diligent” employee who handled her case will be promoted.
      3. Central America boarder rush.
      I haven’t heard one word from our government telling us that they are aware of this and intend on doing something about it.