FAIR Action AlertFAIR’s Government Relations team is sending this alert to inform you that the latest Congressional Voting Report has just been released. The Voting Report is designed to help you understand how your lawmakers voted on immigration measures during the First Session of the 114th Congress in furtherance of a rational immigration system.

Despite having complete control of Congress and the majority of Americans behind them, Republican leaders showed little desire to pursue true immigration reforms or rein in the Obama administration’s flagrant abuse of executive power. However, both chambers did consider several important immigration-related amendments, nominations, and bills in 2015. Specifically, this report includes votes on:

  • Defunding President Obama’s unlawful executive amnesty programs
  • Nominating pro-amnesty U.S. District Attorney Loretta Lynch to become Attorney General
  • Defunding State and local jurisdictions with dangerous “sanctuary city” policies

The Voting Report includes a brief summary of each vote and indicates whether FAIR supported or opposed the measure. If your Senators and Representative voted with FAIR’s position, you will see a green plus sign (+). If your Senators and Representative voted against FAIR’s position, you will see a red minus sign (-).

We encourage all of our members to review the Congressional Voting Report and learn more about how their lawmakers are representing them. You can access the report here.