Immigration Headlines – Jan 5, 2015

Sessions Says Obama Green Card Move Brazen and Illegal

“Sen. Jeff Sessions (R., Ala.) on Monday slammed President Obama’s latest executive action on immigration that would authorize hundreds of thousands of additional foreign workers to replace American workers at a lower pay. Sessions, who chairs the Senate Subcommittee on Immigration and the National Interest, called the proposed federal rule published on New Year’s Eve “brazen” and “illegal,” accusing Obama of further pushing prosperity out of the reach of American families,” the Free Beacon wrote.

Visa Overstays Remain a Problem

“In a weekend New York Times article, “US Doesn’t Know How Many Foreign Visitors Overstay Visas,” readers learned what many of us have known for years: roughly half of the illegal immigrants in America are people who came here legally, but decided not to leave once their visas expired,” says Matt A. Mayer at AEI.

“When it comes to the general issue of immigration, visa overstayers are a frustrating problem. When it comes, however, to terrorists trained by Daesh, visa overstayers can be deadly. As I highlighted in a recent Wall Street Journal op-ed, America already faces a threat from terrorists using the Visa Waiver Program to enter America. That threat becomes more severe if once we identify a terrorist who entered the US, we can’t find him or even determine if he left after his visa expired.”

Cruz Ad Highlights Immigration Absurdity

“GOP presidential contender Ted Cruz took aim at the “mainstream media” Tuesday by charging in a new television ad that it would see the issue of illegal immigration through a different prism if a herd of lawyers, bankers and journalists were charging across the U.S.-Mexico border,” the Washington Times says.

“The new “invasion” ad depicts a swarm of women in high heels, and men in black suits and ties, with some carrying briefcases atop their heads, others struggling to hang onto their laptop computers, sprinting across a desert and clumsily wading across a river.”

Border Patrol Arrests 31 in Texas Stash House

“As December came to a close, U.S. Border Patrol Agents announced two raids, one on an apartment on the Texas-Mexico border and another on a truck with a secret hiding place. The action resulted in the arrests of 41 illegal immigrants,” Breitbart News says.

“On December 31, the agency announced that an apartment in Palmview, Texas, a small town on the border, was raided and 31 illegal immigrants were found within. All were arrested and slated for deportation.”

DHS Moves to Deport Some Central Americans

“The first news that the immigrant community in her area might be upended, said Adelina Nicholls, was as she was going through her morning routine of combing through news online on Dec. 24. The article in the Washington Post said immigration officials would start taking into custody Central American women and children who had crossed the border in the past year from Central America and had been given deportation orders from a judge,” NBCNews reports.


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    I just wanted to say that I thought it was quite an outstanding opinion piece by Ian Smith of the IRLI that was published on Jan. 4th.