Immigration Headlines – Dec 31, 2015

Texas Asks Supreme Court Not to Review Appeal on Obama’s Immigration Case

“Texas urged the Supreme Court on Tuesday not to consider an appeal on President Obama’s immigration program, arguing that lower courts had properly rejected the administration’s ‘sweeping and unprecedented assertion of executive authority,’” reports the New York Times.

Illegal Aliens Granted Driver’s Licenses in Delaware

“Thirty-five people as of Tuesday had started the process to get a new state-issued card giving driving privileges to those in the country illegally. Applications became available on Sunday, six months after the program was signed into law and rules were established,” writes

Thousands of Cuban Migrants Will Be Deported to U.S.

“Central American leaders announced thousands of Cuban migrants who were on the Costa Rica-Nicaragua border will be airlifted to El Salvador and placed on buses that will travel to the United States. This migration is the result of a forceful push by Pope Francis that Central American leaders help migrants reach the U.S.,” says the Daily Caller.

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  1. avatar Leland says:

    Amazing isn’t it. We let the Pope and leaders of other countries decide our immigration policies, busing Cubans to our border. Never mind that it’s the birth control policies of the Catholic Church that has produced much of the poverty in Latin America. This country has absolutely no backbone when we allow this.

    In the Daily Caller link it quotes Jeb Bush as saying Cubans “shouldn’t have and I don’t think they do have, free entry into this country.” Which he knows is a lie. He was governor of Florida and he knows that any Cuban who crosses our borders, or comes on a visitor visa, simply files a refugee claim and they are here to stay while we reward them with all kinds of welfare benefits.

    And we have no idea who these people are. A lot become involved in all kinds of criminal activity, according to the South Florida Sun Sentinel. The media is constantly crying that Trump has so much support. You know why? Because all the fakers they promote, like Bush, are never going to do anything about illegal immigration. The Democrats are already a lost cause.

  2. The Betty Crocker Stamp Approving Illegal Aliens in America

    Is handing them drivers licenses.