Immigration Headlines – Dec 30, 2015

300,000 UACs and Families Caught Crossing Border Since 2013

“Nearly 300,000 unaccompanied minors and “family units” have been apprehended illegally crossing the U.S.-Mexico border since fiscal year 2013, and recent data suggest the influx could continue at even higher levels,” reports Breitbart News.

Bill Punishing “Sanctuary Cities” to be Heard in Wisconsin

“Despite canceling a hearing this month, Republicans say they’ll continue to push a bill seeking to penalize Wisconsin municipalities that block law enforcement from inquiring about immigration status or cooperating with federal immigration authorities. The bill seeks to prevent so-called ‘sanctuary cities,’ or communities that adopt policies that prevent them from helping federal authorities deport immigrants living in the country illegally. Communities that adopt such policies could be challenged in court and if found to violate the bill’s provisions face the loss of $500 to $5,000 in shared revenue each day they aren’t in compliance,” writes the Wisconsin State Journal.

Immigration Issues to be Hot Topic in 2016

“This year saw new influxes of Central Americans and Cubans on the southern border, Syrian refugees rejected by the leaders of more than 30 states and the president’s executive action on immigration mired in legal challenges. Next year, those stories are expected to play out amid a presidential campaign in which immigration is already a key issue…” the LA Times predicts what is ahead in 2016.

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  2. avatar Leland says:

    The Breitbart article and the LA Times article are connected. The first says 300,000 “minors and family units” have been caught crossing the southern border. The LA Times article says “those stories are expected to play out amid a presidential campaign in which immigration is already a key issue.”

    It’s going to be a key issue as long as this keeps happening. We are under a never ending flood of legal and illegal immigrants and supposed “refugees”. And the illegals are not removed from the country, so they keep coming. The promise by this administration to deport “hundreds” is a joke.

    We already have all the Democratic candidates pledging that they are not going to deport any one. This is not only a “key issue”, it’s really THE issue. We cannot take in the world and hope to still be the same country.