Immigration Headlines – Dec 28, 2015

Rubio, Cruz and Trump Jockey on Immigration

“Responding to comments Cruz has said about Trump behind closed doors – as opposed to in front of the cameras where his friendliness shines – Trump defended his ability to make good decisions and said his own temperament was better than that of the Texan’s. Ted Cruz, who pleased many libertarian-leaning voters by supporting cuts to defense spending,” the ASU Bellringer says.

“‘I introduced an amendment that made anyone here illegally permanently ineligible for citizenship’. The surging presidential contender, in a new television ad released by his campaign Friday evening, shows Iowa voters a 2013 black-and-white photograph of a laughing Rubio standing alongside two prominent Senate Democrats.”

DHS Raids Target a Few Hundred, Prompt Panic by Amnesty Lobby

“The Homeland Security Department is planning nationwide raids aimed at deporting adults and children who have already been ordered removed by an immigration judge,” PBS reported.

“The Washington Post reported in Thursday’s editions that the operation from Immigration and Customs Enforcement would begin as soon as next month and would likely affect hundreds of immigrants who fled violence in Central America since the start of 2014.”

Is the Melting Pot a Myth?

“In 1908, British writer Israel Zangwill wrote a stage play, the title of which popularized a term that came to be used as a metaphor for America itself: The Melting Pot. Debuting before U.S. audiences in 1909, Zangwill’s play told the story of David Quixano, a fictional Russian-Jewish immigrant who is intent on moving to the United States after his family dies in a violent anti-Semitic riot in Russia,” says a commentary in Newsweek.

Zuckerberg Campaign Targets Immigration

“Earlier this month,, the Mark Zuckerberg-backed group, launched a campaign that slams Donald Trump’s call to deport undocumented immigrants all over the country. While the group has lost millions in its previous attempts to make its cause known, it continues to show support for the many people who will be affected by mass deportations,” says.

Drunk Driver Fuels Deportation Debate

“Local debate over immigration laws is starting to heat up after a 29-year-old, illegally in the U.S., seriously injured a pastor and his daughter in an alleged drunk driving crash on Christmas Eve. According to deputies, Efrain Lopez Contreras has been deported once before. He is currently in jail for swerving on Redman Road and crashing into 52-year-old Tony Bartolucci and his 14-year-old daughter Gianna,” says.

Spending Bill Will Displace More Workers

“Anti-immigration activists who helped to derail comprehensive immigration reform last year are seething over several provisions of the omnibus spending bill passed by Congress last week,” says.

“Tucked away in the mammoth legislation were some of the most significant changes in years to U.S. immigration laws. One of the biggest would greatly expand the H-2B program for temporary seasonal non-agriculture workers such as landscapers, restaurant staff and seafood processors.”

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  1. avatar Kyle says:

    Suckerberg, like Gates, and the rest of the ilk pandering for lower wage immigrants to replace more qualified U.S. citizens, are an utter disgrace to this country, regardless of their philanthropy. These businesses, are spinelessly importing cheaper and less qualified employees, only to replace as many current U.S. employees as possible to enhance their bottom line. Anyone with an IQ above an oyster, should be able to see the hypocrisy of these degenerates immediately. GRASP REALITY ALREADY, THERE IS NO SHORTAGE OF QUALIFIED U.S. CITIZENS TO FILL THESE JOBS, PERIOD!

  2. avatar William says:

    The increase in fees for H-1B visas is a positive step. I remember attempts to increase these fees in the past have been shot down. I can’t imagine Orrin Hatch allowing it through without a fight. Orrin absolutely hates the American worker and has gone to great extremes to increase foreign workers throughout his “career”. I’m sure the Chamber of Commerce is paying some stooges to come up with articles telling us that by increasing the fees American companies will close. I personally feel that the fees should be $50,000 per visa with a large percentage of that fee going to the training of American citizens in the fields that the visa was issued for. Second there must be a minimum wage for these H-1B and L-1 Visa holders. One company I worked at had an L-1 employee get his neck broke in a skiing accident. Guess what, no health insurance, guess who eventually eats the medical tab? Eventually the American citizens pay for the costs through higher insurance premiums. These L-1 and H-1B visa are a hidden tax on our American economy. I guess it would be oppressive to require that all L-1 and H-1B visa holders also have heath insurance like American citizens are required to have.

    India has been fleecing the United States for too long and I don’t give a rat’s behind if they are offended.

    • avatar William says:

      I checked out the page linked in the newsweek article and the increases are based on how many employees you have and how many are H-1B etc. ( ) So just how much of an increase is debatable. The India article states that some will pay over $8,000 not the $10,000 listed in the Newsweek article. “Some” is the key word here. I’m sure the vast number of H-1Bs will slip through the cracks otherwise Orrin and the Chamber of Commerce would be howling.

      • avatar Leland says:

        You’re probably right because they can slip something into a subsequent bill that will negate any fees. The only thing we can do is keep pointing out when companies like Disney and others are replacing American workers. They do not like the bad publicity and these things used to be rarely even mentioned in the media. Now they are, because they are almost forced to talk about it.

        Not to mention that there is no “shortage” of American STEM workers, it’s just another big tech company lie. Most are not even employed in their fields.

      • avatar William says:

        Another article from ComputerWorld:
        Don’t get your hopes up yet… This was passed in the Senate and must be reconciled with the House. Even though Microsoft uses many H-1Bs this will not affect them. It hits companies like Infosys, big suppliers of H-1B labor.

  3. avatar Leland says:

    Some backward logic in Edward Alden’s Newsweek column. He blames the increase in H2B visas on the failure to pass the “comprehensive reform” of 2013. First of all, there would have been many of the same increases under that bill. If a bad idea is a bad idea, then the packaging doesn’t matter. Second, the amnesty he’s pushing, and that’s what that bill was, would have automatically given work permits to millions here illegally. That helps American workers how?

    In one of the good aspects of this new legislation, and it shows how public pressure can work, it makes it more expensive for companies to bring in workers on H1B visas. Alden is worried that India is offended, apparently not having enough “friends” on Capitol Hill, and that they are going to resist calls to open Indian markets to American goods and services. Alden needs to explain how if years of giving away the store to India has not worked, that the continuing of those same policies would do so.

    But then that’s right in line with the thinking of those of his ilk. Amnesty is not a solution to our illegals problem. Hello? Rewarding bad behavior, and that’s what “reform” does, only ensures more of the same. We have the solution already. It’s enforcing the laws on the books, instead of looking for loopholes, as this administration has done, and the Democratic candidates have promised they will continue.

  4. Trump Has a Big Lead

    And don’t underestimate it.