Immigration Headlines – Dec 24, 2015

DHS Rumored to Be Readying Deportation Plan for Next Year

“The U.S. Department of Homeland Security has begun preparing for a series of raids that would target for deportation hundreds of families who have flocked to the United States since the start of last year, The Washington Post reported on Wednesday. Citing people familiar with the operation, the Post said the nationwide campaign to deport the illegal immigrants by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement could start as soon as early January,” the Huffington Post says.

Does the U.S. Spend More on Global Warming or Securing the Border?

“Congress snuck a small provision in the recently passed $1.1 trillion budget deal that requires President Barack Obama to disclose how much his administration is spending on global warming programs,” the Daily Caller says.

“For a comparison, the $22.2 billion in global warming spending was nearly twice as much as the government said it would spend on customs and border enforcement that year. The Obama administration’s 2014 budget request only asked for $12 billion to fund the Department of Homeland Security’s U.S. Customs and Border Protection agency.”

Border Issues Provide Creative Inspiration

The New York Times profiles the upcoming animated TV series “Bordertown,” created by Seth McFarlane, who also created “Family Guy.” “The two families provide the comedic backbone of ‘Bordertown,’ a new animated series executive produced by Seth MacFarlane (“Family Guy”) that debuts on Fox on Jan. 3. With often brutal satire that mines racism, xenophobia, drug cartels, mega churches, corrupt mayors, the pope and the occasional U.F.O., it offers up the border town as a prototype of the new American city, a key laboratory for thinking through the national future.”

Cruz – Rubio Dispute Still Provides Pundit Fodder

“When Ted Cruz finally picked a fight with Marco Rubio over immigration in the December Republican primary debate, it was supposed to force Rubio into days of explaining his immigration position to the press, defending himself against charges of flip-flopping, and trying desperately to protect his cred with Republican primary voters. That’s almost what happened — not to Rubio, but to Cruz himself,” says

Israel Shows That Border Walls Work

“On his recent two-week mission to Moscow and Israel, Milwaukee County Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr. noticed something interesting about Israel’s border wall. Despite having good relations with Jordan, Israel still has this wall in place along the Syria and Lebanon borders,” says.

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  1. avatar Cloward Piven Democrat says:

    Why would DHS suddenly start enforcing the law, respecting the republic, and protecting Americans? This sounds like a ruse to drum up outrage in the Marxist-Progressive media, allowing the anti-American Obama administration to pretend that it was trying to do something but was shouted down by the media.

    The Criminal Party is actively trying to steal the election through mass immigration and naturalization, eagerly importing unskilled and unassimilable disposable workers and welfaregees and setting them up with welfare and Democrat registration. It’s not suddenly going to start authorizing Democrat govt. workers to do their jobs.

    • I’m Also an Old Fashion Barbara Jordan Style Democrat

      The Democrats left me [as anti-amnesty], I never really left the early 90s Democrats. They thought just like FAIR, now they’re essentially just the foreign/corporate lobbyist puppets party. Same party name for the Republicans, they just tell us they’ll be different and lie. Go Trump and Merry Christmas to all!

      • avatar William says:

        You are right the Democrats have abandoned the working class. In the book “Throw them all out” by Peter Sweitzer details how the politicians of both parties have used public office for their own gain. One of the politicians mentioned in the book is Ms. Pelosi and how she has prospered with lucrative land deals. As ex-President Jimmy Carter has said we are now an oligarchy. The passage of the omnibus spending bill that included the quadrupling of H-2B is a perfect example of how the ruling class passes laws that are good for them but bad for the American public.