Immigration Headlines – Dec 23, 2015

Inside the San Bernardino Shooter’s Immigration File

“The San Bernardino shooters — Tashfeen Malik and her husband Syed Farook — emailed for several weeks before deciding to meet each other for the first time, according to Malik’s immigration file, portions of which were released today by the House Judiciary Committee,” ABC News reports.

“The 21-page file reveals information Syed Farook submitted to United States officials to prove that he and Malik had met in person within two years of the application -– a requirement for the visa — and planned to get married.”

Cruz Moves Up in Polls, Draws More Heat on Immigration

“Ted Cruz has sought to establish himself, first in the Senate and now as a presidential candidate, as a hard-line opponent of granting citizenship to undocumented immigrants — but his broader views on immigration reform have recently come under fire, with opponents suggesting his views have evolved for political expediency,” RealClearPolitics wrote.

“Marco Rubio said last week on the campaign trail in Iowa that Cruz has ‘not told the truth about his position in the past on legalization.’”

Sessions Says Cruz Fought Gang of Eight Bill

“Sen. Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) of Alabama is warning that the 2016 election could determine whether the Gang of Eight, a group of senators who pushed for allowing greater immigration, runs the White House,” Breitbart News says.

“Presidential contender Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) was a key member of the Gang. Sessions is emphasizing that powerful forces behind the Gang of Eight are only getting started, and the same special interest coalition is already planning its next push for open borders.”

Media Sorry to See Graham Drop Out Due to Amnesty Support

“Several would-be presidential candidates have dropped out from the 2016 race, but none have left the press so glum as the exit of Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina. Though many in media were careful to note that they disagreed with him on many issues, they also admitted they were sad to see the South Carolina lawmaker and his pro-immigration platform go,” the Washington Examiner wrote.

Zuckerberg Group Revamping Message for 2016

“, the well-funded immigration advocacy group launched by Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg in 2013, is revamping its message in the midst of a presidential campaign that has seen the pendulum abruptly swing the other way on the issue,” says.

“After a year in which Donald Trump and other presidential candidates have significantly changed the tenor of the conversation around immigration policy, the pro-immigration group suddenly finds itself taking on a different fight.”

Czech Prime Minister Says Germany Encouraged Migration Crisis

“Germany encouraged illegal immigration to Europe with its humanitarian response to the refugee crisis, the Czech prime minister was cited as saying by a German newspaper on Wednesday,” Reuters reported.

“Around 1 million refugees and migrants, many fleeing war and poverty in the Middle East, Asia and Africa, entered the European Union this year, according to the United Nations. The influx has caused a rift between eastern and western members, who disagree on how to respond.”


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  1. avatar Concerned Citizen says:

    Senator Sessions’s endorsement of Ted Cruz’s immigration credibility is good enough for me.

  2. avatar Leland says:

    In an interview with NPR, our esteemed president said this about blue collar workers: “no longer getting the same bargain of going to a factory and being able to support a family on a single paycheck. There’s going to be the potential for anger, frustration, fear–some of it justified but just misdirected. I think somebody like Trump’s taking advantage of that. That’s what he’s been exploiting during the course of his campaign.”

    What a total phony hypocrite. Especially since he noted all the closed factories in Illinois during the 2008 campaign and said he would renegotiate or withdraw from NAFTA. Just another lie on the level of you can keep your doctor. On top of that, as noted repeatedly on this site, he has extended work visas in this country by executive action to many immigrants not eligible for them before.

    His biggest sellout has been the 12 nation TPP “free trade” agreement [often described as NAFTA on steroids] which will allow business to bring in workers in huge numbers, thereby making the situation for native born blue collar workers far worse. It’s always the same lies. The claim is that these trade agreements will allow our goods access to their markets, but it NEVER works out that way. The Korea trade deal that started in 2012 has more than doubled our deficits with them.

    It has been Trump from the beginning who has ruled out these broad trade deals and specifically the TPP, unlike Cruz and Rubio who have been both sides of the fence on the subject. Is Trump rude, crude, sometimes over the line on personal comments? Yes, but when you leave voters no choice but the same con men and women, then people will hold their nose and vote for him.

    • Yes Leland

      I see Trump starting most of the new Freedom of Speech one liners and the Dem/Reps and MSM reluctantly agreeing with his logic, AFTER THEY DEMONIZE HIM [Trump's poll numbers surge when this happens].

      How many poor Independent Democrats are now for Trump? African American and Latino too, trying to make sure there’s still jobs for their families in this frozen mostly unskilled 1.5M total labor market, operating on an average job wage of $10.92/hr and 28 hour weeks. The establishment MSM lies or fogs these facts