Immigration Headlines – Dec 22, 2015

Does Immigration Represent a Dead End for GOP?

“The debate over immigration has become a huge problem for the GOP,” says Edward Morrissey at The Week.

“Donald Trump started things off earlier this year when he promised mass deportations for those who had entered the country illegally, after building a wall on the southern border and “making Mexico pay for it.” Trump later softened his position, promising to allow “the good ones” to re-enter the U.S. immediately, presumably ahead of those already waiting in line for legal entry. His actual policy proposal makes no mention of mass deportation at all; the only reference to deportation in Trump’s position paper is to “illegal aliens in gangs” such as MS-13. But like many of Trump’s statements, the policy matters much less than venting the frustration felt by voters.”

Princeton, NJ Files Pro-Amnesty court Brief

“Princeton’s participation in a brief supporting Barack Obama’s immigration policies may not have cost any money, as Mayor Liz Lempert said, but the municipality’s commitment to changing a horribly malfunctioning system is priceless. Earlier this month, Princeton joined 84 cities and counties across the United States that have signed onto the brief, which was filed with the U.S. Supreme Court by Cities United for Immigration Action,” says.

Amnesty Supporter Graham Drops Out of GOP Race

“None of the 13 remaining Republican presidential candidates support comprehensive immigration reform with a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants, now that Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina has dropped out of the race. Some of Graham’s policy stances were bold for a GOP presidential candidate, which is perhaps why he never rose above one or two percent in the polls,” the Huffington Post says.

Spending Bill Funds More Immigratino Judges

“Immigration is perhaps the most bogged down in partisan rhetoric of any issue in the United States. But this year, Republicans and Democrats found enough common ground to address a vital piece of the system — the woefully under-resourced immigration courts. On Friday, lawmakers agreed on a spending bill that funds 55 new immigration judge teams,” the Huffington Post wrote.

U.K. Central Bank Confirms Immigration Depresses Wages

“Britain’s central bank, the Bank of England, has stated that the high level of immigration that Britain is currently experiencing does in fact lead to lower wages, with those hurt most by the policy being on the semi-skilled or unskilled end of the country’s workforce: almost 1 in 4 Britons,” Breitbart News says.

“The news will come as a blow to pro immigration campaigners and organisations who have long stated that the argument behind wage compression – as it is commonly known – is a falsehood.”

New York Times Endorses Ending Cuban Adjustment Act

“The United States should put an end to immigration policies that make it easier for Cubans to leave their island and come to live in this country, The New York Times said in an editorial,” Fox News Latino reported.

“For the newspaper, these regulations amount to ‘a Cold War relic that is hindering the normalization of relations between Washington and Havana.’”

Norway Has Classes to Teach Immigrants Not to Rape

“Norway has begun offering a controversial program that seeks to reduce the potential transfer of that violence, by working with male immigrants from countries in which women are not permitted to show skin or be publicly affectionate. These courses coach the men in European sexual and social practices, teaching that smiling and flirting are normal, and that ‘if a girl is drunk it does not mean she is willing to do anything,’” says.

“The New York Times reports that thus far, other European countries have been hesitant to offer similar training, for fear of stigmatizing migrants. In fact, the stereotype that looser immigration policies will increase rape is one oft-invoked by anti-immigration politicians.”


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  1. Donald Trump’s Verbal on Clintons’ Loss to Obama in 2008

    Is a complete moot issue compared to Bill using the White House for Monica.

  2. avatar Leland says:

    So now the Bank of England is saying what anyone with an ounce of common sense has known for years: Mass immigration depresses wages for the lower skilled. If you read the link, the report also makes clear that wage depression is most acute in the areas with the most immigrants. Then again, we get people in this country who say even if that’s true, it’s the fault of the semi skilled because they never got the proper education they should have. Which ignores 2 things. One is that a lot of people did not have the money or ability to get a higher education. The follow up to that is why should they suffer because big business and the political elite are economically and emotionally tied to mass immigration.

    As for Norway teaching courses that immigrants should not feel free to assault women, that speaks for itself. It’s just that someone finally acknowledged the politically incorrect truth.

    • avatar William says:

      I remember a case some years back where a college female went to a Muslim student’s room and was raped. His defense was that since she entered his room without a chaperone she wanted to have sex. A year ago I attended a dinner where a college official was fuming to anther about their college turning down the efforts to go co-ed in the dorms. It was this conversation that jogged my memory about the incident. Going co-ed when students are members of Western culture was OK in the 70′s and 80′s but if done today, I wouldn’t recommend it without first training Muslims etc. that what goes on in the land of sand doesn’t apply here. Colleges just seem to thrive on bringing in anti-western students for money and political correctness.

      It is still acceptable in many third world countries to rape girls that are out after dark and don’t have an escort. A year or two back an Indian woman who just finished her medical degree was brutally raped and died. Her crime according to the perps was being out after 9:00 pm with her boyfriend. She and her boyfriend had just watched a movie and were returning home when this heinous crime occurred.

      • avatar Leland says:

        You’re correct on that. In a lot of countries, the woman is blamed. And in some Muslim countries she’s charged with adultery because she didn’t die “defending her honor”.