Immigration Headlines – Dec 17, 2015

Behind the Cruz – Rubio Dustup on Immigration

“Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz are steadily ramping up their attacks on each other’s immigration records, especially as the two Republican presidential candidates are rising in the polls and increasingly on a collision course to take on front-runner Donald Trump,” CNN wrote.

“But the seeds of their tussle were planted years ago in the Capitol, when both freshmen senators were on opposite sides of the immigration battle.”

Immigration May Give Momentum to U.K. Exit from E.U.

“The possibility that Britain might decide to leave the E.U.—dubbed “Brexit”—is as dominant in the British press as the Republican primary is in the U.S., and has eclipsed the rest of Cameron’s agenda. Thursday marks a turning point in that debate as the prime minister travels to Brussels for a summit with the European Union heads of state, in hopes that he can make progress in negotiations over E.U. reforms that he thinks will keep his country in the union. Cameron has said that if the E.U. can agree to his proposed reforms before a summit in February, he will campaign to convince the British people to remain in the E.U. If it does not, he has threatened to campaign for Britain to leave — an outcome that could be a mortal blow to a union already battered by economic headwinds and a historic migrant crisis,” Time Magazine says.

DHS Secretary Says Agency Can’t Look at Social Media Postings

“Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson said Tuesday there are “certain legal limits” that constrain federal officials from scrutinizing the social media histories of foreigners trying to enter the United States — a new debate that has flared in the aftermath of the San Bernardino, California, terrorist attack,” Politico wrote.

“His comments, in an interview with POLITICO, mark the first time the Homeland Security chief weighed in on the merits of reviewing social media in immigration cases. According to recent news reports, Tashfeen Malik, the female shooter in the California massacre, had posted extremist views yet still obtained a visa to the United States.”


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  1. avatar Leland says:

    What ” certain legal limits” could there be to reviewing the social media of foreigners wanting to enter? How’s this solution. They make that information available or no visa.

  2. Establishment Candidate Cruz Lies


    “…It’s no surprise that in a GOP presidential primary season, Cruz has changed his story about why he put forward an amendment that would have provided a path for legal status, if not citizenship. The Texan is competing with Donald “I’m going to build a wall” Trump to win over a conservative base that is even more agitated about illegal immigration than it was in the summer of 2013….”

    Both Cruz and Rubio, Establishment Candidates, will tell us anything now to get elected, then turn on us like we were just stupid voters after they’re elected.