Presidential Candidate Stances on Immigration

This infographic illustrates how the Presidential candidates stand on immigration.

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From meeting with members of Congress to providing testimonies for hearings and issuing reports, FAIR has worked on national immigration issues since 1979. The Government Relations team reviews legislation and legal opinions and acts as a liaison between FAIR and Congress.


  1. avatar Nick Fortune says:

    How can ANYONE agree that bringing in hundreds of thousands of Muslims into our country is good for the people of our country. We already have millions of illegals who are competing for jobs, collecting welfare and bringing diseases; and they want to bring in thousands more to make matters worse? ISIS already said they would sneak in Jihadists amongst the “peaceful” Muslims. If and when bombs are used and Americans are killed on New Year’s Eve, in New York City, in malls throughout the country, in ball games where large numbers of people gather what will these anti-Americans who call us “un-American” what are they going to say????? “I’M SORRY?”

    Tell Obama supporters; family members, neighbors, friends and acquaintances when the crap hits the fan don’t look to us Conservatives to protect you.

  2. avatar Michael Stubblefield says:

    Jeb Bush is a Constitutional breach. Gross. Unqualified. Unacceptable.
    Hillory Rodham Clinton is a criminal anti-Constitutional enforcer and enemy to the Constitutional republic.
    John Kasich is another career anti-Constitutional criminal American who is unfit and unacceptable presence in public affairs.
    Ben Carson is, indeed, weak on the issue of illegal immigrants. Unacceptable.
    Bernie Sanders is another American socialist democrat who is unacceptable, unqualified, source of security breach, a Constitutional violator, treasonous entity.
    Donald J. Trump advocates returning first priority to the interest of the American citizens and strengthening the security of the USA, restoring our US military, bringing money and employment back to America, actually securing the our American borders, halting illegal immigration policies of the criminal American democrats.
    Ted Cruz is a strong Constitutional representative.
    Marco Rubio is unqualified, unacceptable and a fraud.