Today’s Immigration Headlines – Dec 11, 2015

Plan to House Illegal Alien Minors in Dallas Prompts Debate

“The decision to temporarily house hundreds of unaccompanied children from Central America in Ellis and Rockwall counties is prompting a passionate debate over illegal immigration. ‘It just boggles my mind that the United States would let these people come over here,’ said Christopher Bruton, who spoke out in front of the church camp near Maypearl where 500 children will be sheltered. ‘Every single one of them needs to go back home to where they came from,’” NBC News reported.

Cuban Immigration Surges

“The number of Cubans who have entered the U.S. has spiked dramatically since President Obama last year announced a renewal of ties with the island nation, a Pew Research Center analysis of government data has found. The U.S. has since opened an embassy in Havana, a move supported by a large majority of Americans, and public support is growing for ending the trade embargo with Cuba,” the Pew Institute says.

“Cubans seeking to enter the U.S. may receive special treatment under the Cuban Adjustment Act of 1966. Those hoping to live in the U.S. legally need only show up at a port of entry and pass an inspection, which includes a check of criminal and immigration history in the U.S. After a year in the country, they may apply for legal permanent residence.”

Why Franklin Graham Supports Trump on Muslim Immigration

“Amid an outcry over Donald Trump’s proposed ban on Muslims entering the country, prominent evangelist Franklin Graham has come out in support of the Republican presidential candidate’s plan, saying that he has been advocating a similar stance for months,” notes the Washington Post

“’For some time I have been saying that Muslim immigration into the United States should be stopped until we can properly vet them or until the war with Islam is over,’ Graham wrote on Facebook on Wednesday. ‘Donald J. Trump has been criticized by some for saying something similar. The new Speaker of the House Paul Ryan said yesterday that he disagrees — saying that ‘such views are not what this party stands for and more importantly it’s not what this country stands for.’’

Facing Reality on Refugees

“On Wednesday, FBI director James Comey alleged that the San Bernardino shooters were already plotting a mass-murder attack on the United States before Tafsheen Malik received the K-1 visa admitting her to the United States. Her husband-to-be, Syed Farook, was born a U.S. citizen. Yet his family’s immigration history should also raise searching questions about the process by which would-be Americans are selected,” David Frum says.

“Donald Trump’s noisy complaints that immigration is out of control are literally true. Nobody is making conscious decisions about who is wanted and who is not, about how much immigration to accept and what kind to prioritize—not even for the portion of U.S. migration conducted according to law, much less for the larger portion that is not.”

Zuckerberg Group Targets Trump in New Ads

“An immigration reform group backed by Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and other major tech figures is taking aim at Donald Trump. The group,, on Thursday released a video as part of a campaign to increase the chances that immigration reform legislation — which has so far eluded Congress — becomes law in 2017,” The Hill reported.

Michelle Malkin: Misreprsenting The Founding Fathers’ Views on Immigration

“President Obama claims that restricting immigration in order to protect national security is “offensive and contrary to American values.” No-limits liberals have attacked common-sense proposals for heightened visa scrutiny, profiling or immigration slowdowns as “un-American.” America’s Founding Fathers, I submit, would vehemently disagree,” says Michelle Malkin.

Texas Legislators Seek to Rein In Sanctuary Policies

“The rumor that she isn’t tough on criminal immigrants who pass through her jail has grown like a well-fertilized plant, embattled Dallas County Sheriff Lupe Valdez told a panel of state lawmakers on Thursday, the Texas Tribune wrote.

“Valdez has been in Gov. Greg Abbott’s crosshairs since announcing last month that she will honor requests from Immigration and Customs Enforcement to hold inmates, known as ICE detainers, on a case-by-case basis. But she said her comments were taken out of context following a meeting she had with ICE officials and immigrant advocates about how her jail was detaining — and then handing over — immigrants to federal authorities.”

Jan Ting: Court Rulings Support Legality of Trump Plan

“The hysterical response to Donald Trump’s proposal to restrict Muslim immigration is unwarranted. Contrary to the claims of Trump’s critics, the power to suspend the admission of ‘any aliens or any class of aliens into the United States’ is expressly reserved by statute to the president whenever the president finds that such admission ‘would be detrimental to the interests of the United States,’” says legal expert Jan Ting.

“Candidate Trump is telling us that President Obama should use this power, and that a President Trump would.”


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  1. avatar Espanhol says:

    It’s remarkable to pay a visit this web page and reading the
    views of all colleagues concerning this paragraph,
    while I am also zealous of getting know-how.

  2. avatar Concerned Citizen says:

    Evangelist Franklin Graham, contrary to many Christians in Washington today, understands that you can be a kind, compassionate Christian and still advocate vetting people who enter the country. Especially if your kindness and compassion extends to people who might be murdered by terrorists.

    Christians who equate their faith with open borders are mixing faith with ideology and religion with politics. Let’s look at the actual Bible. Christians, there are two halves: the Old Testament and the New Testament. Cherry picking the words of the apostles and Jesus in the New Testament, then attempting to apply them to immigration, which Jesus never discusses, is sloppy theology at best when you ignore the other half of the Bible that the Catholic church onward has chosen to include between the two covers.

    The Old Testament discusses faith and morality, and it also discusses the life and survival of the Israelites. Now Christians, did this divine book include long passages about the Exodus, Esther, and other stories of the fate of the Israelites for no good reason? Why is the Old Testament in the book that Christians read? Do Southern Baptist preachers who preach open borders really know? Does House Speaker Paul Ryan? The Pope, who hails from a Vatican City where immigration restrictions are considered consistent with Holy Law, fell short of condemning our immigration laws. He apparently knows that the conceit of believing you can speak for God is at the heart of all blasphemy.

  3. avatar Leland says:

    From Tribune Washington Bureau: “In the aftermath of terrorist attacks in San Bernardino, Calif., and Paris, the House moved Tuesday to restrict travel to the US by passing a bill that would end visa free entry to those who have visited Syria, Iraq, Iran, or Sudan. The legislation, shaped in part by the White House, won widespread support from both parties..”. [passed 407-19]

    Hmm. Let’s put on our thinking caps. What can it be about those countries. Oh, they are all Muslim countries. So Trump is the bad guy for speaking the plain truth, but then the president and the Democrats vote for legislation that will target those Muslim countries. But I thought there was no problem with Islam? Gosh, it’s all so confusing.

  4. avatar Concerned Citizen says:

    The political class seems to think that mass suicide is a core American value. This is why when Hillary laughs at Trump, the White House mocks him, and the GOP condemns him, the American people have a visceral reaction and Trump’s poll numbers rise. Urgent telegram to Washington: the people are not drinking the Peoples Temple Kool-Aid.

    As Jan Ting says, the President does have the statutory authority to deny admission based on national origin or religion. It’s downright pathetic when the GOP Establishment goes ballistic over a religious test, then offers one based on national origin instead. If we were judging national security on a discrimination metric, then surely both would be equally wrong? But discriminating against a citizen in the workplace is fundamentally different from, to use an alternate definition of discrimination, a shopper discriminating among choices for a holiday gift. One is illegal, the other is sensible.

    Michelle Malkin’s piece cogently demonstrates that the Founders considered immigration in the public good, but only when newcomers make the country a better place for its existing citizens and fully assimilate into the American way of life. The modern idea of changing ourselves to please newcomers or be branded a racist, bigot or xenophobe, just shows how far removed the PC cult in Washington is from our nation’s core values and beliefs.

    I celebrate the Bill of Rights and the freedom of religion that is extended to our Muslim citizens. This sentiment is not at odds with my demand that the Federal government properly vet people who wish to cross our borders.