Today’s Immigration Headlines – Dec 9, 2015

Poll Shows Trump Tapping into Public Mood

“With his comments calling for a ban on Muslims entering the United States, Donald Trump may be tapping into widespread antipathy toward immigration from the Middle East, a new Associated Press-GfK poll finds,” NBC News says.

“The poll found three-quarters of Republicans thought immigration from the region was too high, with nearly as many expressing fears about the possibility that Syrian refugees will commit violence.”

Rubio’s Position on Muslim Immigration

“In a recent interview with popular, nationally-syndicated talk radio host Sean Hannity, Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) misrepresented his position on curbing migration from jihadist countries,” says Breitbart News.

“During Monday’s interview, Hannity pressed Rubio on why he voted against Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY)93%
’s amendment last Thursday to pause immigration from more than 30 Muslim nations with jihadist movements. Rubio claimed he did so because Paul’s amendment would delay the travel plans of tourists— such as those seeking to go to Disneyland— by 30 days. Rubio said that had the amendment been simply limited to pausing immigration from those thirty countries, the amendment ‘would have had a lot of support, including mine.’”

The President Does Have the Legal Authority to Suspend Muslim Immigration

“Filling in for radio host Laura Ingraham on Tuesday, lawyer and Power Line blogger John Hinderaker said that Congress has specifically given the president the authority to block immigration from majority Muslim countries as early as ‘today, if he wanted to,’” the Daily Caller notes.

“Discussing Donald Trump’s call to place a moratorium on all Muslim immigration, Hinderaker said the real estate mogul’s proposal was “unnecessary and would probably be ineffective,” but the idea that America can’t do anything to its immigration “to reduce the risk of importing Islamic terrorism … is frankly ridiculous.’”

Ban on Muslim Immigration is Constitutional

“Almost every public figure appraising Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump’s proposed moratorium on Muslim immigration and travel to the U.S. has reacted with horror, but the ban would not necessarily be unconstitutional, experts say,” according to US News.

“Recent U.S. immigration history, in fact, is full of examples of discrimination against minority groups. Throughout the Cold War, non-citizen socialists were deported, and gays could be booted as “sexual deviants” until 1990. An entry ban on HIV-positive people wasn’t fully repealed until 2010.”

Surge of Children at Border Overwhelming DHS Again

“The surge of illegal immigrant children continued unabated in November, pushing the Obama administration to announce emergency measures to try to handle a problem it thought it had solved earlier this year,” the Washington Times says.

“Two months into the new fiscal year, the number of unaccompanied minors jumping the border and getting caught is at an all-time high. So far, the U.S. Border Patrol has picked up over 10,500 — more than twice the number at the same point last year.”

EB-5 Investor Visa Program Faces Expiration

“An increasingly popular and controversial program that trades green cards for foreign investment in U.S. real estate is set to expire this week, and billions of dollars for potential commercial development are at stake,’ CNBC reports.

“The EB-5 “Immigrant Investor” program, originally designed to spur job growth, has come under fire due to several cases of fraud and misuse of funds. Many U.S. developers and foreign investors have lost. Still the program has also fueled hundreds of projects that are revitalizing neighborhoods across the nation.”

Hamas Complains About Trump Statement

“Palestinian terrorist organizations did not take kindly to Donald Trump’s call for a ‘total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States until our country’s representatives can figure out what is going on,’” Breitbart News says.

“Responding to Trump’s proposal, Ismail Radwan, a Hamas leader and spokesman in Gaza, told Breitbart Jerusalem: ‘We do not estimate that the current U.S. administration, any administration, will implement these racist suggestions. This is a pathetic attempt to attribute terror exclusively to Muslims.’”

“Radwan, whose group’s charter calls for the murder of Jews and the destruction of Israel, lectured Trump: ‘Islam is a religion of peace, a religion which opposes bloodshed.’”

Force Feeding Ok’ed for Detainee in Immigration Detention

“Chief U.S. District Judge Karon Bowdre has ordered the forced feeding of an immigration detainee at the Etowah County Detention Center and continued medical monitoring of 46 detainees there currently on a hunger strike,” says.

“In two motions filed last week, Bowdre directed ‘necessary and reasonable steps’ should be taken to preserve the health of a detainee who has been on a hunger strike since Nov. 26. The order allows feeding, hydration, medical treatment and medical tests, according to court documents.”

“The hunger strikes are part of a nationwide campaign calling for an end to indefinite immigration detentions, improved conditions, and an end to U.S. Immigration and Customs bed quotas, which advocates say mandate a certain number of detainees be held.”


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  1. The More Trump Horrifies the Dem/Rep Establishment

    And puts the blame on their laps….the better his poll numbers do.

  2. avatar Sharpshtik says:

    Democrats (i.e. socialists and communists) have been united with militant Muslims for a century, which is why they always make excuses for them after they murder, rape and rob non-Muslims. This axis of evil despises individual rights to free religion, free speech, free association, free enterprise and/or private property (land, income, firearms) in favor of organized crime government that deprives people of their rights. In America. Democrats, including its militant Muslim wing, is public enemy #1.

  3. avatar Leland says:

    A leader of Hamas says “Islam is a religion of peace”? Knee slapping funny. At least Trump isn’t worried about hurting the feelings of a bunch of terrorists. Actually Hillary and Hamas agree.