Today’s Immigration Headlines – Dec 8, 2015

Trump Says Shut Down Muslim Immigration

“Donald Trump is now calling for an end to all Muslim immigration into the United States,” says The Atlantic.

“In a written statement late Monday afternoon, the Trump campaign said the Republican frontrunner wanted a ‘total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States until our country’s representatives can figure out what is going on.’ As backing, Trump cited a controversial six-month-old survey from the right-wing Center for Security Policy finding that one-quarter of U.S. Muslim respondents believed that violence against Americans was justified as part of global jihad and that a slim majority ‘agreed that Muslims in America should have the choice of being governed according to Shariah.’”

Other GOP Candidates Say Limit, Not Ban Muslim Immigration

“Presidential candidates Sens. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) are demanding a halt to immigration from Muslim nations with jihadist movements,” Breitbart News reported.

“Their fellow contender, Sen. Marco Rubio, did not call for curbs to Muslim immigration in his live response to the President address on Fox News – a response promoted by Rubio’s campaign.”

The Conservative Case for Halting All Immigration

“Immigration is not good for America. At least, not anymore. Immigration has benefitted our nation a great deal and it certainly can do so again, but as long as our current rules are in place, immigration can only hurt our country. Whether your ancestors came over on the Mayflower or you became a citizen yesterday, an American is an American is an American,” says.

“However, even though that’s true, the presumption of our immigration laws seems to be that any person, from any culture, of any educational status, from any country is just as likely to come to America, fit in and become a productive citizen. That idea is ridiculous on its face.”

Why Japan Is Much Better Off Than The U.S.

“Without birthright citizenship, Japan can’t engineer an immigration boom to offset its population loss. With conservative politicians in perennial control of Japan’s government, there is little chance that the country will make big changes to its policies any time soon,” says open border supporter Noah Smith.

Sanders Makes More Anti-Enforcement Promises

“Sen. Bernie Sanders pledged during a live telecast Monday to end the detention of LGBTQ undocumented immigrants as part of his immigration policy, if he’s elected president,” USA Today says.

“The Vermont independent, running for the Democratic presidential nomination, made the pledge in response to a question from a transgender woman who was among undocumented immigrants gathered at his Washington campaign office to discuss his “Families First” immigration plan.”

State Level Guest Worker Programs?

“By embracing a more federalist approach that gives states flexibility to craft their own immigration policies. This might sound radical but the under-reported story is that states have already been trying to do this and Canada did it 18 years ago. Even Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Alabama), who has torpedoed many a reform effort, praised Canada’s provincial program at a Heritage Foundation event last year as a model for America because it allows an orderly matching between foreign workers and local labor needs,” says open border supporter Shikha Dalmia.

“Thanks to an improving Mexican economy and aggressive immigration enforcement, net illegal migration from Mexico to America has dropped to zero, according to the Pew Hispanic Center. The upshot is crucial gaps in the construction, cleaning, landscaping, farming, crab fishing, hotel, tourism, restaurant, and many other local industries that have been relying on undocumented labor since existing visa programs for low-skilled foreign workers are either woefully inadequate or unusable.”

Even Immigration Supporters Are Wary of EB-5

“When a trade journal publishes a sharply critical editorial on an element of its own trade, outsiders should pay attention. Immigration Daily is a website written by and for immigration lawyers. As one would expect, it generally takes a mas-migration point of view, and it is critical of what it sees as inappropriate attempts to limit immigration (though it has been known to reprint a blog or two of mine),” says David North.

“In this context, Immigration Daily’s searing criticism of the current EB-5 program, much of which will expire on December 11 unless Congress does something about it, is of particular importance.”


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  1. avatar Neerg says:

    BO is always pro muslim, his concerns are their well being, than the americans. BO deliberately do not want to protect americans from islamists. BO talks are same old, same old, consistently faulting the american people of why these terrorists are in killing sprees. BO as usual, into exposing oneself as an expert on muslims’ cultures / traditions, himself practically saying he is in line with their bloodline. the San Bernardino american born muslim terrorist is one of many millions already in your neck of the woods. San Bernardino terror can / will happen in any location in the USA, its only a matter of when. the questions then are, how the government must position itself to be 2 steps ahead of the terrorists already living in the USA, before anybody gets blown away, and how to stop terrorists, just like this woman, who was given visa, entered the USA with evil agenda to kill numerous, if not hundreds of americans. BO’s WH aids are all muslims, formulating real strategy to defeat radical muslim terrorists is not a priority of this administration. droning is his way to fight terrorism, which the lefty politicians / lefty voters believed are fine, since no american in harms way, despite military experts say do not work, besides waste of resources, the enemies getting bolder, looking at americans as panic-stricken. the fact, these islamists are difficult to fight, since they are abnormal, like to use their bodies as bombs, by doing so, will give them more chance to kill hundreds, if not thousands of americans in any given crowded venues. the only way to be in control of these radical muslim terrorists is to do profiling, lefties called it racists, and the terrorists knew they are 2 steps ahead of this administration refusing profiling, BO rather have americans get killed in the name of his ideologue of overbearing free society, open borders, you name it, BO, HC, BS / their party disrespect sovereignty, the constitution, meant to overrun this great nation not only with ILLEGAL ALIENS, but islamists to spread sharia law, as the new law of the land. this is a dangerous time. if the will of the people goes their lefties way, then people have to fault nobody else, but themselves.

  2. avatar SecBorders says:

    On the above article about Japan, the author gives a number of reasons why he thinks Japan is worse off because they have limited immigration and we are better off with our current open borders. I disagree for a number of reasons. He mentions the relatively large amount of Japanese government debt, but almost all of that is borrowed internally, from Japanese institutions and people, unlike the US which borrows so much from abroad including over 1 trillion dollars from Japan.

    He mentions the often repeated claim that our current mass third world immigration has been great for the US economy, but over the years since the 1965 immigration law, the US has gone from the world’s largest creditor nation to the world’s largest debtor nation, and over the same period Japan has become the world’s largest creditor nation. From Reuters: “May 27 (2014) Japan’s net external assets rose to a record 325 trillion yen ($3.2 trillion) as of the end of last year as a weak yen boosted the value of overseas holdings, making the country the world’s biggest creditor nation for 23 years in a row, the finance ministry said.”

    By contrast, The U.S. net international investment position at the end of the second quarter of 2015 was -$6,688.3 billion (-$6.7 trillion).

    Over the same period, the US has gone from running the world’s largest trade surpluses to the world’s largest trade deficits, and has been consistently running trade deficits with Japan.

    Japan also has a much lower violent crime rate than the US, and one reason is they vigorously enforce their immigration laws. Japan also has not had all of the terrorist attacks carried out by Islamic radicals the US and other Western countries have had because the government has allowed very few Muslims into their country.

    Other factors are also at work that have resulted in Japan’s superior economic performance, such as trade policy and the fact that Japan has not had the financial burden of fighting a lot of wars and defending the whole world with their military, but the point is that US economic performance has declined in the years since 1965, not improved.

  3. avatar Leland says:

    So most Democrats in the House are now “likely” to support a bill that would restrict automatic visa “waivers” from 38 countries and would not permit waivers for anyone who has visited Iraq and Syria in the last 5 years? Isn’t this really just a form of what Trump actually said because he basically said until our government gets it’s act straightened out? Is this the old pot and kettle thing?

  4. avatar Concerned Citizen says:

    We do need an immigration moratorium of some kind. Some highly valued individuals should be permitted to trickle in even under a moratorium, but such rapid change without any clarity on the consequences of this change is rash and astonishing.

    A 100% ban on all Muslim immigration, even a temporary one, strikes me as too draconian to be realistic public policy. But Muslim immigration in the context of global jihad needs to be strictly controlled. There’s no question that Islam has spawned a cancer within the religion and it’s not clear how many hearts and minds are poisoned vs. how many others are sympathetic enough to look the other way. Together, the two groups comprise an unknown and clear risk to the security of the United States and, as we saw in San Bernardino, this virulent anti-Western and anti-Semitic strain exists within our own citizen population.

    Let me say something about the current fashion of comparing Muslim immigrants with the Pilgrims, and the broader but deeply related assertions about who were are as a people. First, we do have a long, proud history of immigration in this country and many people are inextricably tied to immigration as an expression of their identities. However, that does not mean it’s an entirely accurate viewpoint.

    Many people in this country are native-born and have no family ties to immigrants. The Pilgrims did not immigrate to the United States. They were English subjects who were granted land by a king in what was at the time a politically fractured continent. There were no countries as we know them today in the North America of 1620. Some of the Pilgrims’s descendants did found the United States of America, a relatively small country with 13 original colonies on a continent that also included Spanish and French colonies. The United States was not founded as a nation of immigrants at all. It was founded on lofty ideals of equality, God-given rights and religious freedom, but those rights and privileges were not initially widely shared. That fact of history is tragic in hindsight, but at the time it was a bold first step toward becoming who were are today. As the country matured, those rights were extended to many previously excluded groups, but at no time during the formation of the country was it declared a nation of immigrants. This is a modern construct.

    I know there are many people, especially on the left, who want to sever all ties with the historical United States, a matter that makes for bitter division. We are and always have been a nation of citizens with a system of government that is of, by and for the people. That is the American Experiment. To say we’re only America if our borders are wide open is to ignore many phases of our history. This idea of defining ourselves by those who are coming here ignores the value and well-being of our own citizens, and that, my friends, misses the point of what self-government, and America, is all about.

    • avatar Leland says:

      I think the question to be asked is why is the West required to commit cultural suicide in hopes of catering to a bunch of people who insist on living in the 15th century. People who proclaim themselves all for equal rights based on gender, sexual orientation, and the right to reject religion, then turn around and insist we have to respect a religion that is opposed to all those things, both in theory and in practice.

      If Islam wants to be seen as moderate and tolerant then it’s time to put up or shut up. With very few exceptions Islamic countries oppress women and minority religions. Change that and they will change the perception. As for Trump’s pronouncements making us less safe, how are we made more safe by people like Hillary insisting there is absolutely no problem within Islam.

  5. Trump Timed This Solution Perfectly

    The day after Obama gave us his “don’t worry we can be nice and do nothing about it” emergency ISIS address right before SNF.

    • avatar Concerned Citizen says:

      Trump’s sense of timing has been brilliant all along. He really knows how to play the media, drive them bananas, and then kick back and get the free publicity. He’s also using the GOP’s infrastructure and tacitly mocking the two party system while he does it. Meanwhile, a lot of Americans enjoy watching the Establishment panic and feel they’re in on the joke. It’s brilliant comedy and theater, and that’s why Trump is special. He’s the one Republican who can really defeat the Washington machine and Hillary juggernaut, and they’re terrified. Cruz clearly knows this and would be an ideal running mate. Cruz is brilliant and enough of a Beltway practitioner to calm the nerves of many people who fear what a Trump presidency would mean.

      It does take a leap of faith for people to support Trump because his views do come off as unhinged sometimes, but like I said, the people condemning him just don’t get the joke. Trump is a smart, well-educated and highly successful man. He’s not insane, but he’s sure driving Washington insane.