Today’s Immigration Headlines – Dec 7, 2015

PA Bill Would Enforce Cooperation By Counties With DHS

“The federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency often requests that cities and counties hold suspected illegal immigrants in custody for up to 48 hours so ICE can investigate immigration status or pick them up for deportation,” says.

“Cities that refuse are often referred to as “sanctuary cities.” But legislators in Harrisburg are considering a law that would withhold state law enforcement funds from any municipalities that don’t cooperate with these requests from ICE.”

Europe’s Economic Problems Disprove Arguments for More Immigration

“Over the past decade, Europe has seen a massive influx of immigrants. According to the UN, the total international migrant stock in Europe increased by almost 30 percent from 56 to 72 million immigrants between 2000 and 2013. With the European Union’s stagnant population dynamics, this translated into an even higher increase in the EU’s international migrant stock as a percentage of its population,” says Sierra Rayne at American Thinker.

“Back in the 1960s, a little over 3.5 percent of the EU’s population was made up of immigrants. Currently, the value is over 10 percent and climbing fast with 2015′s refugee invasion. If we accept the mainstream economic theory that increased immigration improves economic growth rates, Europe’s economy should be forging ahead at an all-time record.”

Cruz Says Attacks Show Immigration System is Broken

“GOP presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) bashed President Barack Obama for a “partisan speech” from the Oval Office on Sunday night, during Obama repeated his strategy to defeat the Islamic State.In response, Cruz vowed to destroy ISIS and fix the “broken immigration system” that allows jihadists to enter the United States,” Breitbart News says.

Swiss Party Wants More Curbs on Immigration

“Switzerland should take unilateral action to restrict immigration from the European Union, the billionaire and leading right winger Christoph Blocher was quoted as telling a Swiss newspaper on Sunday. Blocher, 75, is a lead figure in the Swiss People’s Party (SVP), which successfully championed a referendum for immigration quotas that, if implemented, would violate a bilateral pact guaranteeing freedom of movement for EU workers,” Reuters reports.

Immigration Issue Surfaces in Debate over Tax Bill

“Immigration is once again threatening to jam up congressional action, this time on tax legislation. Conservatives’ concerns about benefits flowing to illegal immigrants are a major sticking point in negotiations over the package of tax breaks known as ‘extenders,’” the Washington Examiner says.

A similar effort to pass ambitious extenders package last year died at the last minute partly because of conservative worries about fraud and improper payments through the two tax credits. Congressional negotiators will have to reckon with those concerns if they want to send legislation to the president that does more than kick the can down the road another year.

California Attack Shows Immigration System is Still Broken

“Government-approved immigrant jihadis have attacked and killed another 14 Americans, but GOP politicians are ignoring the obvious fix demanded by the American public—reduce Islamic migration into the United States. The Senate’s GOP leader doesn’t want to talk about immigration, according to a statement he issued a few hours before the president’s national address on the jihad threat,” says Neil Munro at Breitbart News.

“GOP donors and the party’s business-wing don’t want immigration to become another casualty of immigrant jihadis. That’s because immigration provides business with more than one million extra lower-wage customers and taxpayer-funded customers each year, which boost profits and stock values.”

Salt Lake City Files Brief in Support of Obama Amnesty

S”alt Lake City joined a friend-of-the-court brief Friday urging the U.S. Supreme Court to hear and overturn a lower court decision that has halted President Barack Obama’s executive actions on immigration,” the Salt Lake Tribune says.

“Utah’s capital joined 83 other cities and counties nationwide in the brief, which collectively represent 47 million people and an estimated 13 million immigrants — about 31 percent of the nation’s immigrant population.”


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  1. avatar Leland says:

    The only beneficiaries of our present mass immigration policies are those politicians who pander for votes, and businesses who want cheap labor. That’s why business hates Trump. He’s against the 12 nation TPP “free trade” pact, which business loves because it will let them bring in minimum wage workers by the millions and will kill off the manufacturing jobs we still have.

    It’s the American worker who gets the shaft. We already have a large percentage of the work force that wants full time hours but can’t get them because business has to pay benefits to full time workers, so they want a flood of foreign workers. NONE of these trade pacts has produced the promised results. Instead it’s been much higher trade deficits with the other countries.

    • Deflated Home Values

      Quickly follows lower wages too. On this path we’re all screwed.

      Now is a good time to retire like I just did….oil is already deflated below $40/bbl today. Sooner or later prices have to come down and we can blame deflation of the “over-priced” stock dividends market on Obama. Fixed incomes should do much better when long awaited “depression style deflation” is rightfully implemented. Who c ares about selling foreign engineered pea sized cars for like $30-40K each….they’ve become dinosaurs with lower wages and lower oil and no one wants them or can afford them.