Immigration Headlines

A Simple, Wrong Idea

“James Pomeroy of HSBC wrote an in-depth analysis of this “unprecedented shift” in global demographics. In addition to issuing warnings, he also offered up a possible albeit probably unpopular solution. Pomeroy said immigration could help stimulate developed economies and reduce the burden on government budgets,” says Business Insider.

“The idea is simple. The working-age population is still exploding in developing areas such as Africa and Southeast Asia, so by moving people in their “productive” years to countries with a shrinking working-age population, you can boost potential economic growth.”

Support for Immigration Restriction Party in Sweden Explodes

“Support for the anti-immigration Sweden Democrats has surged to nearly 20 percent over the past six months, a poll showed on Tuesday, as the country turns to tents and ski resorts to house record numbers of asylum seekers. Europe’s immigration crisis has upended Swedish politics,” Reuters reports.

Our Immigration System Lacks Integrity

“The abject lack of integrity of all components of our immigration system reflects the abject lack of integrity of our political leaders,” says Michael Cutler.

“It is absurd to imagine taking politics out of any issue that involves decisions made by politicians. However, most of our politicians make many of their decisions that are consistent with the priorities and indeed, demands, of the major campaign contributors. Often these decisions are at odds with morality, commonsense and the well-being of America and Americans.”

Obama Administration’s Gamble on Amnesty

“Last week, the Obama administration appealed to the Supreme Court a decision by two lower courts. Those lower courts have so far blocked the administration from enacting and expanding several programs that would have protected some immigrants from deportation and granted many temporary work permits,” Business Insider says.

Syrian Refugees Pose a Terrorism Risk to the U.S.

“Conservative leaders, including a former U.S. attorney general and a previous chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, are warning that the United States is putting its national security at risk unless it strengthens the vetting of Syrian refugees,” the Daily Signal says.

“The 66 leaders who signed Monday’s memo from the Conservative Action Project believe currently “there is no possible way to verify the identity and credibility of Syrian refugees” that creates a “grave national security threat” to the United States.”

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  1. avatar Leland says:

    What a shocker. Business Insider says more immigration will “boost potential economic growth” based on some need for labor that doesn’t exist at this time and likely will not, given how many jobs that will be replaced by automation. . Business wants low wage serfs and wants to import them by the millions so they won’t have to pay Americans. There is no way that these “working age populations” from Asia and Africa, the vast majority whom will be under educated, are ever going to pay enough in taxes to make up for the costs they will impose on the receiving countries.

    I guess Business Insider has never heard of the earned income tax credit, an outright check of up to 5,000 a year given to those low wage earners who may not even pay a dime in income taxes. Or the subsidies for medical care. It’s absurd to believe that politicians won’t be promising all those things to these people. It’s inevitable it will happen.

    • NYTs Recently Documented the New Average Wage

      $10.92/hr and 28 hr work weeks with no medical benefits. This includes all unskilled and professional labor markets. Immigration will just make this much worse. Kiss your home equity good-bye as wages decrease.

      • avatar Leland says:

        Business is lying when they say there’s a shortage of workers. There’s a shortage of good jobs with decent wages. Just like the big tech companies lie when they say there’s a shortage of STEM workers. The truth is many STEM workers can’t even get a job in the field.

        • I Retired from Engineering After 33 Years Loyal Service at Age 62

          Experienced engineers are insulted and denigrated now and my senior staff that opposed these lies already retired with younger inexperienced non-engineers replacing them. Jobs are scarce and the unskilled slime rises to the top. Soon secret clearances will all be eliminated IMO as tech jobs go global, sub par and cheap. The goal with engineers is make the tech so simple minded and ineffective you don’t need experienced mentors. I.e., God forbid American engineers make 4000 lb cars that get 30 mpg, how could we sell Prius for more money?

          I’m glad I’m out of that harassing loony bin. If you’re an engineer in America, check your retirement numbers constantly….