Today’s Immigration Headlines – Nov 20, 2015

Immigration from Mexico Declines, Report Says

“A new study of immigration to the United States shows that more Mexicans have returned home than have arrived here since 2009. The report from the Washington, DC-based Pew Research Center also finds that the overall flow of Mexicans between the two countries is the smallest since the 1990s,” NPR reports.

Dutch Politician: The Public Should Decide Immigration Policy

“The first thing France did after last Friday’s terrorist attacks in Paris was to temporarily close its borders. It was a wise move. The attacks showed just how unsafe Europe has become as a result of the European Union’s open border policies and decades of foolish decisions by governments across the Continent to open their doors to mass immigration from Islamic countries,” says Geert Wilders in the New York Times.

Court Lets Illegal Aliens Join Obama Defense of Amnesty Plan

“A U.S. appeals court on Thursday allowed three undocumented immigrant women in Texas to join the Obama administration in asking the U.S. Supreme Court to revive a program that would shield millions of immigrations from deportation,” Reuters reports.

Obama Policy Has Shielded 80% of Illegal Aliens from Deportation

“President Obama’s marquee deportation amnesty has been stalled by the courts, but the rest of his executive actions on immigration, announced exactly a year ago, are moving forward — including his move protecting more than 80 percent of illegal immigrants from any danger of deportation,” the Washington Times says.

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  1. They Sucked the Jobs Dry?

    Perhaps we’re seeing “self-deportation” works just fine when domestic overpopulation jobs are currently inadequately paid, for the high rents in America compared to Mexico? They just self deport then?

    • avatar Leland says:

      They have an answer for that. Frequently you get a dozen guys sharing a two bedroom apt. Rent hikes don’t matter as much as they do to an American family with four people in the same two bedroom. They may pay 20% of their pay each while the American family is paying 50%.

      • A Good Theory and It Happened in India’s Overpopulation During the 70s Too

        The problem is landlords and building inspectors….its hard not to get caught and evicted when gypsies camps are living in a SFH zoned one bdrm apartment. Unrestricted San Francisco one bedrooms sport four workers per $2000/mo 1 bdrm….did anyone say bunk-beds? Sharing a refrigerator is a curse too, they all steal the food from the one that bought any. Entertainment is all 4 on the couch for a rousing apocalyptic video game, togetherness….LOL

        This doesn’t work good for normal Americans, so many never leave Mom’s and Dad’s house after they get their degrees. Money Magazine even encourages living with parents until Middle Age to save money for a house. In Seattle it definitely doesn’t work for cohabitation….the biggest buying group of 40% of the homes are lived in by singles, unmarried..

  2. avatar Leland says:

    It’s hard to see where Pew Research arrives at it’s figures to claim that “more Mexicans have returned home than have arrived here since 2009.” They claim that a million returned to Mexico since that year. Last year 230,000 Mexicans were apprehended at the border and the numbers for the years before that are comparable or higher.

    Since the Border Patrol states that well over half of border crossers are not apprehended, then simple math tells you that far more than a million made it into the country illegally. This report is what a lot of “advocates” use to say Illegal immigration is not a problem, but the report is bogus. First of all, for the fact that at least half of border crossers are non Mexican, most of them from Central American countries and there is no evidence they are returning home.