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Hungary’s Orban Says Left Behind Anti-Border Moves

“The migrant invasion to Europe from the Middle East and Africa may be part of a left-wing plot to pack the continent with sympathetic voters, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has told Swiss magazine die Weltwoche. He also said that the British make better allies because they apply more “common sense” but argued that whether or not we are a Christian nation and continent is rarely discussed by Prime Minister David Cameron and the broader political right in Britain,” Breitbart News says.

The Reality Behind Rubio-Cruz Dustup

“With Rubio now suggesting that Cruz supported amnesty during the Gang of 8 markup in the Judiciary Committee, it raises the question, did Jeff Sessions also support amnesty? The crux of Rubio’s argument rests on an amendment offered in the Judiciary markup that was intended to kill the Gang of 8 Bill before reaching the Senate floor, where passage was all but assured,” says Gaston Mooney at Conservative Review.

“The Fox News “conservatives” are scandalously taking this amendment out of context to imply that Cruz actively championed an effort to grant amnesty, albeit without a path to citizenship. In reality this was one of several parallel strategies Cruz employed to blow up the bill and this is why Jeff Sessions voted for the amendment.

Austria Builds Fence

“Austria announced Friday it would erect a metal fence along its border with Slovenia, in a new blow to the EU’s cherished open-border accord.
The 3.7-kilometre (2.3-mile) barrier, due to be completed in less than six weeks, will be the first fence between two members of the passport-free zone, as Europe grapples with a record influx of migrants,” AFP reported.

Man Who Ran Over Dallas Police Was Deported

“The man who used a vehicle to run over a Dallas, Texas, police officer is an illegal alien who has been deported three times over the past 11 years,” Breitbart News says. “ICE officials reported that Gonzalez-Rios had been deported on three previous occasions. The first deportation was in Harlingen, Texas, in 2004. He was issued an expedited removal and returned to Mexico on the same day. About six months later, he was again found in the Harlingen area and was again deported on the same day. In 2011, ICE spokesman Carl Rusnok told the DMN that Gonzalez-Rios was found in Kansas City, Missouri in 2011. He was held for two weeks and then deported. Officials are not sure when he re-entered the country this time.”

No Back Up Plan for Sweden

“When it opened 15 years ago, the Öresund Bridge was seen as a glistening symbol of the new Europe . . . After months of fretting, police finally introduced border controls on the Swedish side of the bridge: the latest symbol of Europe’s unravelling free movement project,” the Telegraph reports.

“The headlines now suggest a country that is coming apart. Just last month, an asylum centre in the picturesque town of Munkedal was set alight, the latest in a series of arson attacks against refugees. Anti-Semitic incidents in Malmö have raised such concern that Swedes have now started ‘kippa walks’, gathering in their hundreds to accompany Jews home from the synagogue in a show of solidarity.”

Michelle Malkin: Media ‘sold out’ American workers on immigration

“Michelle Malkin called out the press for its ‘reluctance, unwillingness and ideological opposition’ to thoroughly cover the H-1B visa program at a Washington, D.C. discussion Thursday. The leading conservative author claimed that the mainstream media’s reluctance to investigate abuses of the 25-year-old visa program has helped speed the transfer of IT jobs from American workers to cheaper foreign labor,” says the Washington Examiner.

David Brooks Waxes Hyperbolic

“It’s no exaggeration to say that the next six months will determine the viability of the Republican Party. The demographics of this country are changing. This will be the last presidential election cycle in which the G.O.P., in its current form, has even a shot at winning the White House. And so the large question Republicans must ask themselves is: Are we as a party willing to champion the new America that is inexorably rising around us, or are we the receding roar of an old America that is never coming back?” says David Brooks.

Cruz, Rubio Fight Over Immigration Continues

“Ahead of announcing of his immigration plan, Sen. Ted Cruz’s campaign continued to point Sen. Marco Rubio’s role in the Gang of Eight immigration bill in 2013,” the Washington Examiner wrote.

“Cruz’s rapid response director Brian Phillips tweeted out continued criticisms of the Schumer-Rubio immigration bill, panning it as the ‘Schubio’ bill. Phillips made the comment in response to Todd Harris, a Rubio adviser, who tweeted out a story from the Cato Institute which calls Cruz’s history on the issue ‘mixed.’”

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  1. avatar SecBorders says:

    After the terrorist attacks in Paris, I wonder if our genius President will now decide not to bring in any Syrian refugees and will increase border security? I doubt it. I’m sure the same idiotic open borders policies will continue, after all our government hasn’t learned anything from all the other terrorist attacks carried out either here in the US or abroad.

    Also, the President of France has ordered the borders of France closed to prevent more terrorists from entering the country. I wonder if now the concept will register in the brains of the open borders crowd that border security reduces the possibility that terrorists can enter our country and carry out attacks. I’m not holding my breath.

    • I’m Surprised the Foreign/Corporate Controlled MSM

      Allowed the Paris story to become news….they usually try to cover up these incidents….this one was too big to sweep under the rug?