Today’s Immigration Headlines – Nov 6, 2015

Software Aims to be “TurboTax” of Immigration

“To borrow a common Demo Day construct, SimpleCitizen is like TurboTax for green cards. It walks users through a series of questions and uses them to fill out the arcane immigration application. It sounds like a small idea, but in reality, it shrinks the amount of time it takes to fill out a green card application from several months to several hours, and eliminates the thousands of dollars people would otherwise spend on immigration lawyers,” Wired reports.

Trade Agreement Would Displace U.S. Workers

“The new Trans-Pacific Partnership trade-deal allows U.S. and foreign companies to hire foreign professionals and technicians to take skilled jobs in the United States, while still only paying them wages typical for their home countries, such as Vietnam and Malaysia, immigration expert Rosemary Jenks told Sirius XM’s Breitbart News Daily radio show,” says Breitbart News.

Rubio’s Immigration Problem

“Marco Rubio has a dubious distinction among the top-tier Republican presidential candidates: He’s the only one who crafted and passed through the Senate a so-called comprehensive immigration reform that is anathema to the right,” says Rich Lowry.

“As Rubio has demonstrated considerable political strength, the spotlight has turned to him. Inevitably, his role as frontman for the “Gang of Eight” bill will get extensively relitigated — and it should.”

Dallas Morning News Editors Want Amnesty

“Congress must find a way to address the status of the 11 million already here, especially children whose parents brought them here and now are stuck in limbo as they graduate from high school and seek jobs and college degrees. That’s not only this newspaper’s position; it’s the one advocated by the newly installed House speaker, GOP Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin,” the Dallas Morning News says in an editorial.

“Yet Ryan declared this week that he will not cooperate with the White House on immigration reform. Why? He is protesting the administration’s unilateral move to relax deportation efforts against certain non-criminal unauthorized immigrants.”

Illegal Immigrant Group Releases Bill of Rights

“An immigrant-rights group proposed a “Bill of Rights” for illegal immigrants Thursday, demanding that Americans recognize there are millions already in the country who deserve health care, in-state tuition rates for college and a guarantee of citizenship in the long term,” the Washington Times reports.

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  1. avatar Kyle says:

    Haven’t we realized the fact that the majority of government representatives truly do not represent the wishes of their constituents, but themselves, and the lobbyists and special interest lowlifes that help keep them in office. Barack warned everyone, he was “fundamentally going to change the U.S.”, in the worst ways as it turns out. While our Congress and Judiciary were complicit, or remained detached to his overreach and lawlessness.

  2. avatar Leland says:

    Look no further than the Korea-US “free trade” deal that commenced in March 2012 for proof of how bad these deals are for this country. We had a trade deficit of 14.7 billion dollars with them in 2011, 18 billion in 2012, 23 billion in 2013, and 26.6 billion in 2014. 2015 will continue that trend. September of this year was a 9 billion dollar deficit, only two months after a deficit of 10 billion in July.

    Some try to spin figures for these trade deals by saying “US exports increased”. They did, but barely and were not comparable to the huge increase in Korean exports to this country. Every one of these deals, including NAFTA, has turned out to be the opposite of the promises. And of course, our president said in 2008 he would repeal or renegotiate NAFTA but has proposed nothing of the kind. Another liar who said one thing to get in office and then did another. Now he wants to do this with 12 countries? I’ve seen polls of Democrats and many are supporting this deal. I guess their goal is to be making the same wages as Viet Nam?

    • avatar Leland says:

      Carson now supports TPP after implying before that he was against it. Trump has said no all along. Jeb and Rubio support it, no surprise.

      • Rubio Also Got Caught With His Hand in the Veterans’ Cookie Jar by the AFGE

        He’s trying to weaken the VA by ending whistle blowing and union rights….meanwhile veterans get back to America at a 12% unemployment clip. Where are Rubio’s best interests? Union busting the veterans administration while giving money to IAs?