Today’s Immigration Headlines – Nov 5, 2015

DC Illegal Immigrants Are Complaining It Takes Too Long To Get A Drivers License

“The District of Columbia started issuing drivers licenses to illegal immigrants in 2014, and now some are complaining because the process takes longer than they would like,” the Daily Caller says.

Rubio Says Trump Isn’t Sincere About Immigration

“Sen. Marco Rubio on Wednesday slammed Donald Trump’s record on immigration, saying he only became a hardliner on the issue once he started running for president,” Politico wrote.

Ryan Reined In

“House Speaker Paul Ryan has done what was expected of him: He blamed President Barack Obama for Republicans’ inability to pass immigration legislation. Actually, House Republicans have proved eminently capable of passing legislation; they already passed an immigration plan this year. They voted in January to strip undocumented immigrants, including the “Dreamers” who were brought to the U.S. as children, of the protection from deportation that Obama had extended to them in a 2012 executive action,” says Francis Wilkinson.

DHS Says Obama Made America Safer With Executive Amnesty

“Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson said Thursday morning that President Obama’s executive actions on immigration a year ago were necessary and are helping to keep dangerous immigrants out of the country,” the Washington Examiner reports.

Rep. King Says Capitol Police Should Enforce Immigration Law Against Protesters

Rep. Steve King (R-IA) wants to give the U.S. Capitol Police the power to enforce immigration laws on Capitol Hill, where undocumented immigrants have protested at hearings and shut down congressional offices in an effort to sway lawmakers into supporting a path to citizenship,” Breitbart News says. “‘I’ve got a security situation,’ King said during an interview on SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Daily. ‘We can’t do business when we have staff in the back who don’t have any way out except through a crowd of hostile people.’”

Reporter Tossed for Asking About Kate Steinle

“A reporter for a conservative outlet was thrown out of what was supposed to have been a public outdoor rally held in support of illegal immigration. It seems that the name ‘Kate Steinle,’ the woman killed by an illegal immigrant in San Francisco, touched a nerve,” Bizpacreview says.

Texas Gov. Cracks Down on Sanctuary Cities

“Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said Wednesday that he is imposing new standards that will prevent sheriff’s offices from getting certain grants from the state unless they fully comply with federal requests to detain illegal immigrants,” the Washington Examiner reports.

More Than 350 Languages in U.S., English Minority in L.A.

“[I]n the country’s largest cities, English is actually a minority language: A staggering 54 percent of residents in the Los Angeles metropolitan region speak a language other than English at home, as do 51 percent of Miami-area residents, 40 percent of San Francisco, 38 percent of New York, 37 percent of Houston and 36 percent of the Washington, D.C., region,” the Washington Times reports.

Will Merkel Destroy Europe?

“Several millennia were required to build European civilisation but its impending destruction has been the work of just a few years, carried out by a cadre of irresponsible, unpatriotic and deluded politicians led by German Chancellor Angela Merkel,” says Leo McKinstry in The Express.

Sessions Says Media Bias At Work in Immigration Coverage

“Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) slammed the ‘internationalist,’ ‘corporate gurus’ who run much of the U.S. media, saying that they have largely banished meaningful discussion about issues critical to Republican voters. Specifically, Sessions—the populist thought leader of Congressional conservatives—explained that the television networks were protecting their own globalist agenda at the expense of honest debate,” Breitbart News says.

Pro-Amnesty Rally Kicks Out Reporter for Asking About Steinle Case

“MRC TV’s Dan Joseph was recently kicked out of a ‘public’ pro-illegal immigration rally at the University of Colorado-Boulder – the site of the recent CNBC GOP debate – when he started asking questions about Kate Steinle and ‘Kate’s Law.’ After speaking with several attendees, Joseph was approached by so-called ‘security’ for the rally and told to leave,” The Blaze reports.

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  1. More on Rubio from the AFGE Union News

    He wants to cut the Veterans Administration by out-lawing whistle blowers and such, union killing IOWs.

    Yet 12% of the Veterans return to America and become homeless. The guy is a crook.

  2. avatar Kyle says:

    Jeh (Duh) Johnson is such a incompetent imbecile when it comes to the current position he holds, only the “Useless One” (BO) could exhibit that much ignorance as to appoint him to head DH(IN)S.

  3. avatar Leland says:

    Jeff Sessions makes an excellent point about the media denying an honest discussion of the immigration issue. Case in point, last Sunday there was a piece about Miami resident Gloria Estefan on CBS Sunday Morning and it was supposed to be a teaching moment about immigrants. Sure, she is talented and obviously a success. But how about the fact that the media has buried the articles done by the Sun Sentinel, one of the major South Florida newspapers, about how over 600 million a year in welfare benefits is going to Cuban immigrants here because they claim they were persecuted by that government.

    A huge number of them are getting Medicaid, SSI, food stamps, and housing. But their fear of the Cuban government does not prevent them from going back to that country for months at a time. We’ve become the retirement system for many thousands who never paid a nickel into our system. Holding up Estefan and her husband as typical is dishonest. The same newspaper published a year long study in January of this year called Plundering America which showed the huge amount of crime committed by those of Cuban birth. While they are 4% of the state’s population, they commit 72% of health care fraud in Florida. That’s only one example. But you won’t see that on the major networks.

    As for all the languages being spoken in major cities, how can expect that to be anything but a negative for students who speak English.