Today’s Immigration Headlines – Oct 20, 2015

Reid Calls Anti-Sanctuary Bill the “Donald Trump Act”

“Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) slammed a bill to crackdown on so-called ‘sanctuary cities’ ahead of a procedural vote this week, calling it ‘the Donald Trump Act’ and ‘vile,’” The Hill reports.

“‘This vile legislation might as well be called the Donald Trump Act, like the disgusting outrageous language championed by Donald Trump,’ the Democratic leader said. ‘Republicans are not really proposing this bill to solve any problems within our immigration system. This Donald Trump Act was designed to demonize immigrants and spread the myth that they are criminals and threats to the public.’”

Time to End Mass Immigration

“America is about to break every known immigration record. And yet you are unlikely to hear a word about it. The Census Bureau projects that the foreign-born share of the U.S. population will soon eclipse the highest levels ever documented, and will continue surging to new record highs each year to come. Yet activists and politicians who support unprecedented levels of immigration are never asked to explain how they believe such a policy will affect social stability, community cohesion or political assimilation,” say Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) and Rep. Dave Brat (R-VA) in an op-ed.

5th Circuit Ruling Still on Hold

“Dmonstrators are fasting this week in front of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 5th Circuit in New Orleans, protesting a suit brought by 26 states that seeks an end to the temporary protection from deportation granted to immigrants by executive action. A panel of three appeals court judges heard arguments July 10 but has delayed ruling nearly a month beyond its self-imposed 60-day deadline,” the LA Times wrote.

Pro-Amnesty Documentary Covers Defeat of Amnesty Legislation

“2013 marked the year that real momentum was building toward passing a comprehensive immigration reform bill that would put millions of undocumented immigrants on a pathway to citizenship. The Senate approved a bipartisan bill in June 2013, igniting optimism that Congress might actually create a long-term solution to a politically charged problem. House leadership even expressed some interest in prioritizing the issue in 2014,” says ThinkProgress.

Rubio Endorses Anti-Sanctuary City Bill

“Marco Rubio’s support for comprehensive immigration reform two years ago remains a major question mark hovering over his presidential campaign, even as he’s cracked top-tier status in the GOP field. On Tuesday, the freshman senator’s tightrope walk on the issue will continue, when the Senate takes up a bill, co-sponsored by Rubio and favored by the party’s staunchest immigration opponents, to crack down on so-called sanctuary cities,” Politico reports.

NY Times Language Police Want to Remove the Word Alien From Law

“American laws that refer to a foreigner residing in the U.S. as an ‘alien’ should be scrubbed of that ‘dehumanizing’ word, according to the New York Times editorial board. On Tuesday, the Times called on Congress to pass legislation that would strip the word from U.S. immigration laws, as California has done on the local level. The Times said that while the term can be found in various federal laws, many see it as a ‘loaded, disparaging word’ that implies immigrants are a ‘less-than-human’ burden on the country,” the Washington Examiner says.

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  1. avatar Concerned Citizen says:

    Senator Sessions and Representative Brat put forth a cogent argument in their terrific op-ed.

  2. avatar Leland says:

    I will trust Trump to look out for American workers more than Harry Reid. Both Reid and Chuck Schumer have constantly tried to raise the numbers of visa workers allowed into the country. Especially H1B visas when there are American tech workers without jobs, like the ones being let go from Disney and Southern California Edison. Both Reid and Schumer have met in the past with executives from Indian tech companies and promised to work for raising visa limits. . Republican Senator Jeff Sessions has been one of Trump’s advisers and a strong opponent of more visas.

    • avatar No Change says:

      Leland I don’t think you have noticed that the jobs are gone overseas and the American companies are being bough by China & Europe……..that is even a bigger problem so no jobs and instead bring the indians….WAIT WAIT….the illegals…HAHAHA!!!!…the illegals are negligible to the consequences we are going to have on what I just stated….but the illegals……

      • avatar Leland says:

        You get more incoherent with every post. Where did I mention illegals. Where did I say I’m not concerned about jobs going overseas. That’s why I don’t want to see the TPP 12 nation trade deal passed, because it will cause even more jobs going to other countries. Trump is opposed to not only that deal but other similar deals.

        The subject I addressed here was American tech workers being replaced by cheaper foreign workers who are being brought in on ever more visas. I would rather have Americans have the jobs. You don’t seem to be too concerned about the Americans being replaced. That’s where we differ.

        • avatar No Change says:

          I tried to stretch your minfds and your reasoning that is rusty…..what do we usually talk about? illegals so by infer…..I did that…….you show a one way way of thinking very stiff ….

          • avatar Leland says:

            I talk about a variety of issues on immigration. You’re seem to be the one who wants to stick to one subject.

          • avatar No Change says:

            I gave you two chances but we are int he land of opportunities and race nor age matters…so I will tell you…….I gave you an extremely important fact that will really huts us……and I went ahead and said Wait.!!…the illegals….since you lose sleep regarding the illegals…..your way of thinking is ver middle eastern or israeli like…on way……..

  3. One Thing is for Certain

    The Dem/Rep Management Controlled by Foreign/Corporate Lobbyists

    Hate Donald Trump’s anti-amnesty stand.