Sheriffs Hold Press Conference on Release of Criminal Aliens by Feds

Sheriffs Go to the Border“Last week, sheriffs representing Border States held a press conference to address their concerns regarding the federal government’s plan to release approximately 6000 inmates with nonviolent drug convictions from custody between Oct. 30 and Nov. 2. (Breitbart, Oct. 7, 2015) The federal government reported that one-third, or approximately 2000, of the inmates awaiting release are criminal aliens. (New York Times, Oct. 6, 2015)”

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The State and Local staff executes FAIR’s state and local legislative strategy and develop FAIR’s position on proposed state and local legislation. State and Local staff work closely with the Field Team and other FAIR staff to closely monitor legislative activity around the United States regarding immigration issues.


  1. avatar Greg says:

    If a legal alien breaks the law, they should be deported, period. Non-violent drug offenses lead to violent ones. If they are here illegally then they need to deported anyways. And so far as prisons, they should be no better than the ones in their home country. Make them work, grow a garden, or what ever to eat.

    • Yes

      We need to clean these foreign IA blood sucking weeds out of American prisons and let the foreigners use their prisons instead…..the costs are like $100/day per inmate….

      • avatar No Change says:

        SW……the illegals are not the issue…………..the outsourcing jobs and insourcing or professionals is the key that will be a game changer……..if that game changer happens…the illegals will still be here but our way of life will be gone…..our way of life always had illegals but was never threaten the way these insource and outsourcing…….trust me…..

  2. avatar Kyle says:

    Only under BO’s tragic tenure in the Peoples House, along with his DUNG HEAP cabinet, has such criminal negligence persisted, period!

  3. Sheriffs Hate Actions Contrary to Rule of Law

    Its against their very nature.

    • avatar Greg says:

      Sheriffs do a better job protecting the people and upholding the Constitution than any federal police. They are the people’s law enforcement elected by the people. They pledge to uphold the Constitution so they have no responsibility to enforce illegal actions by Obama’s mis-justice dept.