Today’s Immigration Headlines – Oct 14, 2015

Court Ruling on Obama Amnesty Could Come After He Leaves Office

“The conservative legal campaign against the centerpiece of Mr. Obama’s immigration overhaul has largely succeeded in running out the clock, blocking the president’s executive actions from taking effect while judges consider their legality. Now, even if Mr. Obama ultimately prevails in the legal battle — which would occur next summer at the earliest — there will probably be time for at most a few hundred thousand of those immigrants to qualify for protection before the end of the president’s term,” the New York Times says.

School in Germany Wants Students to Cook, Clean for Refugees

“A school in Germany has asked its students to cook and clean for migrants at an asylum centre as part of “practical work experience”. Parents are furious that children will be changing bed linen and working in the kitchens at an asylum system, calling it “servitude”. Parents were told about the school project in a letter, which was then posted to Facebook,” Breitbart News says.

Another Immigration Denialist

“Are there any Americans who can’t recite by rote the many allegations leveled by politicians against undocumented immigrants? They are violent, dangerous lawbreakers. They steal jobs from citizens. They cost taxpayers billions for social services. And then there are the proposed solutions: Washington should deport the millions who are in the country illegally and build a wall on the Mexican border to prevent them from returning,” says a Newsweek story.

N.C. Anti-Sanctuary Bill Would Make State Safer

Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign has characterized immigration legislation that passed the North Carolina General Assembly as ‘simply unacceptable.’ The Protect North Carolina Workers Act, which I sponsored, would enhance our state’s ability to deal with immigration issues such as ‘sanctuary cities’ and the harms associated with invalid forms of identification,” says state Rep. Chris Millis (R-NC) in an op-ed.

“The bill awaits the signature of Gov. Pat McCrory, who has already expressed opposition to Mrs. Clinton on the subject of sanctuary cities. But a top aide on Clinton’s team issued a sharp rebuke over the legislation.”

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  1. avatar Kyle says:

    Newsweek, like “All the news that’s unfit to print”, has their head buried in that dark recess of their anatomy, what BS!

  2. avatar SecBorders says:

    Here are a couple of interesting points from an article titled A Dismal Anniversary—50 Years of the Immigration Act of 1965 by John Derbyshire October 2, 2015.

    -“You have to remember that what we now call the Third World didn’t seem very consequential back then (1920s). Africa, Asia, and Latin America were numerically inconsequential compared with the developed world, the white world.

    Population of the British Isles, Britain and Ireland, in 1921: 47.3 million. Population of Mexico in 1921: 13.9 million. So there were only thirty percent as many Mexicans as Brits back then.

    Population of the British Isles today: 68.6 million. Population of Mexico: 120.3 million. So today there are 75 percent more Mexicans than Brits. If you throw in the thirty or forty million people of Mexican origin in the U.S.A., it’s over twice as many. There are people alive today who have seen the ratio of Mexicans to Brits go from thirty percent to two hundred percent.

    And yes, back then the black, brown, and yellow nations weren’t civilizationally consequential either. Today Pakistan has the atom bomb. In 1921 Pakistan didn’t even exist!

    That’s the story of our age. Across a single lifetime the nonwhite peoples have gone from being backward and few to modern and many—way many. The civilizational gap has closed, technologically if not politically; the demographic gap hasn’t merely closed, it’s flipped. “Numbers are of the essence.””

    “These congresscritters of 1965 didn’t have their finger on the world’s demographic pulse. They didn’t spend their free time poring over population projections for Africa and Asia. Mentally, demography-wise, they were still in the 1920s, when the world’s nonwhites didn’t really count, weren’t really important, and existed mainly so that they, the congresscritters, could make grand moral gestures.”

    • avatar No Change says:

      read below and learn who we have been/become as a country…….

      • avatar Leland says:

        California is out of water. There are towns where wells have run dry and their only water is trucked in. Explain why adding more people to that state is going to help that situation. For those who say desalinization, it’s much more expensive than wells and the by products are environmentally destructive.

        • avatar SecBorders says:

          California already is way overpopulated, not only in terms of the ability of the natural resources of the state to support the population but there has been a real deterioration in the quality of life where I live compared to just a few years ago, with the traffic, congestion, etc. And we have Mexico, a poor and dysfunctional country of over 100 million people just across the southern border whose population is projected to increase by tens of millions of people over the coming decades. If we allow the current situation to continue where anyone in Mexico who wants to move here illegally can frequently stay, especially if they have an anchor baby, the flow of millions of people entering our country illegally will continue indefinitely.

  3. Courts are a Great Way to Spend MASS Money and See No Results

    Sounds like Trump would say “Don’t Bring Bills to Courts”.

    • avatar No Change says:

      read below and learn who we have been/become as a country…….you out of everybody should know this by now…in California read below…..

  4. avatar Leland says:

    More baloney in the Newsweek article by Kurt Eichenwald.

    Fact: California has the highest number of immigrants, both by total numbers and percentage of population.
    Fact: The federal government’s Supplemental Poverty Measure, which measures the “real” poverty rate, wages vs. cost of living, has California with the largest percentage of people in poverty, nearly one quarter.

    In light of his “immigration grows the economy” theories, let Eichenwald explain those facts.

    He also presents the false choice of how much it would cost to round up and deport all the illegals here. The typical deflection, because people like him will never admit that if every job had e-verify then most illegals would self deport.

    • avatar No Change says:


      He also presents the false choice of how much it would cost to round up and deport all the illegals here. The typical deflection, because people like him will never admit that if every job had e-verify then most illegals would self deport.

      He might be correct…….why don’t you do the study and prove hime wrong.

      Silicon Valley has the highest level of immigrants…and where they make the most Money….let me see…Google…….co CEO not born here……..Marvel Technologies…CEOs Chinese……Apple son of a middle Eastern man from Lebanon…….

      wait a second…..amazing…….some of the biggest and hottest World class companies given jobs to Americans and became citizens…….

      That is the other side of immigration LELAND!!!

      • avatar No Change says:

        forgot!! Fscebook…..and on and on and on…….now you knoe thanks to who you might get your Social Security eventually…do you complain about the immigrants when they work harder and contribute more than you do….honestly…I am not kidding….you should be thankful and recognize their efforts…..without…you will never get your pension…..etc……..

        • avatar Leland says:

          You’re talking about a tiny tiny minority compared to the average immigrant whose education levels are quite low. That is also a fact. That means they will on average pay very little or no taxes and many get the earned income tax credit, a direct check from the government of up to 5,000 a year. Add to that the high percentage who get some kind of welfare. You can provide the exceptions, but overall the figures prove you wrong. California has had massive immigration that last 30 years and the result is lots of people in poverty and collecting government benefits. As far as “pensions” their pension funds are for the most part completely unfunded and the chance they will pay out much in the years to come is not good. It’s all promises.

          • avatar No Change says:

            Do you understand English? it appears so but it seems not in this case…Did you get my point? Definitely not……..your mind is locked.

        • avatar No Change says:

          Actually, you are in denial and ignoring the point…Leland thanks to the guys I mentioned and per say the Nobel Prize, athletes………stores by Italians not descendants real ones….etc gives jobs to Americans and help the economy …but obviously you are anti-american because you don’t want them here. You don;t want Steve Jobs to come here nor the Google Co-CEO, the deli italian guys irish…..or No Irish need Apply…..every ethnic was sometime in time not welcomed………………..I honestly think you are just talking just to talk.