Today’s Immigration Headlines – Oct 13, 2015

Chicago Sun Times Editors Want Sanctuary Cities Un-Penalized

“An ill-advised partisan bill in the U.S. Senate that is expected to be called to a vote next week threatens to penalize Chicago, Cook County and at least 200 more municipalities for such ordinances. The bill is a knee-jerk reaction to a tragedy and should be voted down. Illinois’ senior senator, Dick Durbin-D, plans to vote against it, and we urge Illinois’ junior senator, Mark Kirk-R, to do the same,” the Chicago Sun Times says in an editorial.

10 Questions for Tonight’s Debate

“Today, Democratic Party candidates for the 2016 presidential election are holding their first debate on CNN. This is the second half of a two-part op-ed offering 10 questions on immigration that will help make for an informative debate. The questions are designed to get the candidates’ thoughts on the impact of immigration policy and also drill down into their philosophical arguments behind their positions on key issues like sanctuary cities, refugee resettlement and executive action,” says Jon Feere in The Hill.

Do Politicians Get Immigration Wrong?

“Much as it did in the 2008 presidential primaries, the topic of undocumented immigration has become a dominant theme in the 2016 primary campaign, especially on the Republican side. Listening to the rhetoric from our candidates would lead us to believe that immigration patterns in the United States have remained largely unchanged over the past eight years. Recent analyses have demonstrated, though, that the immigration landscape that will face the presidential candidates of 2016 has changed considerably since 2008,” says Benjamin Knoll at the Huffington Post.

Mixed Reaction to 50th Anniversary of 1965 Law

“The ebb and flow of immigrants to the United States emerges starkly when you scan official immigration records kept since 1820. Until the late 1960s, immigrants from Britain, Germany and other European countries outnumbered migrants from Latin America, Africa or Asia. But by the 1990s, the trend was reversed, and today the majority of migrants come from non-European nations — with Asians on track to overtake Hispanics as the largest immigrant population in the United States,” the Miami Herald wrote.

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  1. Sanctuary Cities Remind Me of Brady’s Ball Deflations

    The guilty must be given slack and pronounced innocent.

  2. avatar Leland says:

    Notice how the Chicago Sun-Times says the Senate sanctuary bill is “a knee jerk reaction to a tragedy”. They might have a little more credibility if they weren’t dismissing it as “a” tragedy. Because anyone with any knowledge at all knows that the murder of Kate Steinle in San Francisco was just one of a massive list of crimes committed by illegals over the years, including many murders and drunk driving deaths.

    But the murder of Steinle only came to the public’s attention because Trump was talking about criminals from Mexico at the same time. Otherwise the media, both print and broadcast, has generally ignored the issue. If anything, Chicago should be calling for a moratorium on all immigration, considering the city is dead broke, constantly raising taxes, and trying to get the state of Illinois to bail them out of their irresponsibility. The city has a huge illegal population that is costing a fortune in services.

    • avatar No Change says:

      I am sorry man I do not agree with you… make it look as if these illegals own the place and do nothing and collect the money….you must be living in a different country………the way you generalize is pitiful……the only ones at fault are the ones in charge for spending…OK SPENDING SPENDINGGGG!!!!! PENSIONS!!!!………..and fix the broken immigration system, which you support but then want no change and complain about it…….

      • avatar No Change says:

        how about the tax credit of our own that can work but relax!!….that demographics is huge compare to the illegals,,,,fix the system you fix the US citizens whose parents are not legal.

        Whenever Ia mt NY, Boston, Chicago…I have never seen in my life a Mexican or a foreigner asking for money…..either one of us a white guy or an African American….so cut the ball.!!!….the other day this hippie white guy dirty asking for money at the intersection……NEXT,,,,buying in Whole Foods…..the guys between 40 and 55 years and GREAT SHAPE……that is the problem………you fix that your fix everything…you don’t fix that than EVERYBODY takes advantage ….