• “Eliminate the anchor baby status. Remove their citizenship and make them go through the normal channels that an immigrant does to become a legal US citizen.” – American affected by immigration from Massachusetts.
  • “Eliminating birthright citizenship would stop SO many issues, such as overpopulation.” – American affected by immigration from Oregon.
  • “To allow millions of illegals to receive benefits and become naturalized citizens because their child was born here is unacceptable. They should all be sent back to their country of origin.” – American affected by immigration from Montana.
  • “We need to protect our sovereignty, culture, and language. The anchor baby situation needs to stop as well because the 14th amendment has been abused beyond belief. We shouldn’t reward someone who breaks the law by sneaking into our country, gives birth to a child, and we issue a birth certificate for citizenship. It is absolutely ludicrous and it’s not protected by the constitution or bill of rights.” – American affected by immigration from Virginia.
  • “No anchor babies, social security or ANY form of government aid to anyone who has not paid in.” – American affected by immigration from Florida.
  • “I work at a county hospital. Illegals are overcrowding it by having their anchor babies at an alarming rate.” – American affected by immigration from Texas.
  • “This has gotten out of hand. The first time illegals entered the U.S. they should have been returned. I also do not think babies born to illegals should be citizens of the U.S. They should be citizens of their parents’ country. They write home to tell other family members about all the goodies the U.S. government gives them, and here come more family and friends. WAKE UP AMERICA!!!” – American affected by immigration.
  • “Its time to stop illegal immigrants and birthing rights. ICE needs to be able to do their job. They can come in legally. In the horse industry there are many illegals. They all demand $10.00+ an hr. They get arrogant and think they can do what they want.” – American affected by immigration from Texas.
  • “We need to stop immigration and take care of Americans living here born here! In other words take care of our own first. Get rid of the anchor baby nonsense! That was never a good idea, except now we have 10,000 people doing that. Our system cannot support these kind of huge numbers anymore
    .” – American affected by immigration from Texas.
  • “Illegal aliens have already broken our laws by entering our country illegally and should not be rewarded with amnesty or citizenship, and certainly not benefits that the American workforce worked for and funded. The Government loves to take our hard earned money and give it away to everyone but those from whom they took it. Social Security is the taxpayers’ money, yet the government keeps stealing our money out of that very fund while denying our seniors a livable subsidy, or our veterans proper care. Simultaneously, the government tells us that the social security system is unsustainable. They are correct, it is unsustainable, particularly when they steal the money to use for anything other than returning it to the citizen taxpayer. Further, the government is causing an added school tax burden to property owners because it demands that we educate the children of illegal aliens and Anchor Babies who should not even be considered a American citizens. Our government should be ashamed of itself and every elected official should resign. They, including O, have NOT upheld the Constitution, have skirted and outright ignored, and continue to ignore, the laws already on the books (immigration, as one example). – American affected by immigration from Texas.
  • “The myth of anchor babies should be blown with completeness and finality. Mark Levin, Conservative commentator and brilliant Constitutional lawyer, on his radio show, has shown how false it is to claim children of illegals are citizens – they are just as illegal as their parents and have to go…” – American affected by immigration from New York.
  • “The government needs to be reminded every second of wvery day that they serve the people and thereby must uphold and enforce the laws. Deport illegal aliens back to their countries of origin; demand restitution by them of all benefits received to date including the cost of returning them to their country; defund financial aid to those countries. Reminder to the government: Nothing you do generates an income. ALL monies to the government is on the backs of the American workforce and, as such, should only be spent on improving the lives of the American workforce.”
    American affected by immigration from New York.
  • “Legal immigration only. All others go back including anchor babies!” – American affected by immigration.
  • “I worked at a large medical university in Texas that delivered about 6,000 babies/ year, anchor babies, probably at least 80% were undocumented aliens from Mexico and Central America. Over 10 years, that’s about 50,000 babies. Some women came from their country whenever they were pregnant, then went home again afterward (but most stayed if they could), with their little American citizen and his birth certificate to ensure his future! This is ridiculous! Please stop birthright citizenship yesterday, if not sooner!” – American affected by immigration from Washington.
  • “Illegal aliens AND their Anchor Babies are the responsibility of their home country. Do not encourage their criminal act of defying our immigration laws by rewarding them with free health care. This attempt to ignore our laws is an abomination and must be stopped immediately.” – American affected by immigration from California.