Today’s Immigration Headlines – Sept 24, 2015

Papal Visit Renews Focus on Immigration

“A fast-moving Pope Francis plunged into his first U.S. visit with gusto Wednesday, embracing the adulation of jubilant crowds as he crisscrossed Washington and confronted enduring controversies that included global warming, immigration and the clergy abuse scandal,” the Washington Post reports.

State Level Immigration Policies Reshape Immigration Debate

“As we argue in our new book, “The New Immigration Federalism,” state and local immigration regulation has now become a central feature of our national policy landscape. The decade following 9/11 saw a sharp increase in state and local immigration regulation. Until 2012, the weight of that trend was restrictionist, highlighted by high profile enactments like Arizona’s SB 1070 that sought to create new state-level penalties for being in the country illegally. Since 2012, however, the state and local tide has turned largely integrationist,” say Pratheepan Gulasekaram and Karthick Ramakrishnan in the Washington Post.

Sanders Faces Criticism from Open-Borders Left

“Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders bristled on Thursday at the idea that his opposition to open borders and frequent criticism of employers’ exploitation of immigrant labor amounted to a dismissal of the good that immigration does the country,” the Huffington Post reports.

“The independent Vermont senator didn’t clarify, however, whether he agrees with economists who say immigration helps the economy or has a neutral effect, setting him up for continued criticism from advocates of increased immigration who say his thinking on the issue is too simplistic. Indeed, Sanders’ remarks at an event hosted by the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce on Thursday failed to win over Javier Palomarez, the group’s leader.”

DHS Allowed Back Into LA County Jail

“Months after the Board of Supervisors moved to limit the practice, Los Angeles County Sheriff Jim McDonnell has authorized federal agents to operate inside jails to look for deportable inmates, saying that the new procedures “appropriately balance” public safety needs and the concerns of immigrant communities,” the LA Times reports.

“Some experts praised McDonnell’s new policy, which allows immigration agents to target serious or violent criminals who are about to be released. But immigrant rights advocates accused him of bowing to political pressure escalated by the fatal shooting in July of a woman in San Francisco — allegedly by a man who was in the country illegally and had recently been released from local custody.”

Trump Defends Resort Use of H-2B

“Businessman Donald Trump defended his practice of importing foreign works to his club Mar-A-Lago on ‘Morning Joe’ Thursday, arguing, ‘getting help in Palm Beach during the season … is almost impossible.’ Trump told Mike Barnicle during the five-month ‘Palm Beach Season’ employers ‘can’t get help,” so he has to use H2B visas to import workers ‘from different places including Europe,’” the Daily Caller says.

DHS Will Provide Illegal Aliens With Social Workers

“The Obama administration is launching a new pilot program to provide illegal immigrant families released into the U.S. with social workers who will help them access housing, education, medical services and legal assistance,” Breitbart News says.

“‘The [Family Case Management Program] will pilot a new alternative to detention initiative that uses case managers to ensure participants comply with immigration obligations while providing access to holistic community based services tailored to the individual families’ needs,’ Customs and Immigration Services explained in a notification to stakeholders late last week.”

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  1. avatar No Change says:

    Dan the Pope did right on his speech and fit perfectly in Congress…..the question is…Trump might be a goo phenomenon while running for the candidacy…..but would you vote for him?…..this is what I found?

    I don’t like the B word,” Donald Trump said in 2010 while testifying in a New Jersey bankruptcy courtroom about his gambling company, Trump Entertainment Resorts Inc., which had filed for bankruptcy for the third time. Given the number of times Trump has flirted with bankruptcy, you’d think he’d be used to that word by now.

    In 1990, the banking institutions that backed his real estate investments had to bail him out with a $65 million “rescue package” that contained new loans and credit. But it wasn’t enough, and nine months later the famous developer was nearly $4 billion in debt. He didn’t declare personal bankruptcy, although his famous Taj Mahal casino in Atlantic City, N.J., did have to file for it (bondholders ended up taking a 50% stake in the investment). Trump’s economic troubles continued through the early ’90s, while he was personally leveraged to nearly $1 billion. In 2004, Trump Hotels & Casino Resorts also filed for bankruptcy. The company was only a small portion of Trump’s real estate empire, but he did still have to personally cough up $72 million to keep it afloat. In 2009, the same company (by then renamed Trump Entertainment Resorts Inc.) filed for bankruptcy again. Yet during all of this, no one ever told Trump, “You’re fired!” Probably because no one could.

    • avatar No Change says:

      perhaps out his failures he got some business wisdom? of just a back door through the system to scape personal failure? Regardless, it will take once and our country will never recover within our lifetime……..

  2. Syrian Asylum Crisis is Here

    100s of millions refugees all over the world are seeking places where there’s actually food, jobs and shelter.

    And we need immigration in America? Someone was smoking the strong stuff.