Today’s Immigration Headlines – Sept 18, 2015

Trump and Bush Bicker Over Immigration Comments At GOP Debate

“Jeb Bush brought the fight to Donald J. Trump, with mixed success. He noted that Mr. Trump had tried, unsuccessfully, to sway him in a push for casino gambling in Florida. He issued a forceful defense of his brother’s national security record, in response to a dig from Mr. Trump. But in an awkward exchange, Mr. Bush suggested that his wife deserved an apology from Mr. Trump over his comments on immigration. Mr. Trump declined,” says the New York Times.

5,650 Migrants Enter Croatia In One Day

“Thousands of refugees and migrants are entering Croatia using a new route into western Europe after Hungary closed its border with Serbia and its police sprayed tear gas to keep them out of the country. Croatian police said early Thursday that 5,650 migrants entered the country since Wednesday, the Associated Press reported. Authorities, who are forming a special body to deal with the surge, are taking them to refugee centers by train and bus,” writes USA Today.

O’Malley Urges Obama To Accept More Refugees

“Democratic presidential candidate Martin O’Malley urged President Barack Obama to do more to help Syrian refugees, writing in a letter Tuesday that the U.S. needs to offer ‘more than a token increase.’ ‘I appreciate your administration’s attention to this issue, but I was disappointed to learn that the United States would accept only 10,000 Syrian refugees next year,’ O’Malley wrote. ‘We can do more than a token increase,’” reports the Associated Press.

Illegal Aliens Likely To Smuggle Heroin Says Border Patrol

“Violent drug cartels help ‘every single illegal alien’ cross the border between the U.S. and Mexico for a fee, and often the price is carrying a backpack full of heroin, according to a Border Patrol union president. ‘Every single illegal alien that comes into the country goes through the hands of a drug cartel,’ even if the immigrant doesn’t want the help, said Hector Garza. He is president of the Laredo, Texas, chapter of the National Border Patrol Council,” the Daily Caller states.

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  1. avatar No Change says:

    Anybody that thinks Trump is presidential material……..his/her whole life has been a big lie.

  2. avatar Leland says:

    The Associated Press story by Ken Thomas about O’Malley wanting to increase the number of Syrians coming here contains this sentence: “The White House has been under pressure to do more to stem the humanitarian crisis in Europe.” And how, pray tell, is admitting MORE going to “stem” the numbers coming? Yeah, that’s THE way to slow it down. Give them exactly what they want, which is coming to Western countries. That’s sure to discourage more, huh?

    This is the same rampant stupidity that insists that the way to stop further illegal immigration into this country is to give those already here government benefits, work permits, earned income tax credits of 5,000 per year, and eventual citizenship. Sure thing, that will stop them in their tracks.

  3. CNN Asked Stupid and Irrelevant Questions at the Debate, like Bush’s Mexican Born Wife Exposed by Trump

    Did the RNC have anti-Trump trained clapping seals filling the auditorium when someone besides Trump spoke they all clapped their fins? According to the Drudge Report Poll, Trump still won the debate by 53%.