Today’s Immigration Headlines – Sept 16, 2015

Grassley Says New Obama Policy Could Displace American Workers

“In a letter to USCIS Director Leon Rodriguez, Grassley on Tuesday expressed concerns about the intent, substance, and implementation of the memo. The chairman specifically highlighted comments President Obama made about L-1B reforms in March, in which he said, “This could benefit hundreds of thousands of nonimmigrant workers and their employers,” writes Breitbart News.

“Sanctuary Cities” Bill Delayed

“The legislation, called the “Stop Sanctuary Cities Act,” had been scheduled to be marked up in the Senate Judiciary Committee on Thursday. It was a long-awaited session — the markup had been scheduled for the Thursday before August recess, until the Senate adjourned a few days early. But a committee spokeswoman said Tuesday that it would be further delayed,” says Politico.

Almost 100 Percent of Americans Believe Illegal Immigration Is Problematic

“‘An overwhelming majority of Americans believe illegal immigration is a problem, according to a survey by YouGov. Ninety-two percent of respondents called illegal immigration a ‘problem,’ with 77 percent calling it either ‘very serious’ or a ‘somewhat serious’ problem,” reports Newsmax.

Previously Deported Bolivian Sex Offender Arrested

“According to Customs and Border Protection, Border Patrol agents at the Uvalde Border Patrol Station arrested 57-year old Eliseo Cespedes-Vargas after the Zavala County Sheriff’s Office encountered him during a traffic stop on September 11. Uvalde Border Patrol agents helped with the stop an determined Vargas was an illegal immigrant from Bolivia and one who had been arrested for attempted rape in 1992 and convicted in 2007. He was ordered removed in 2011,” Breitbart News states.

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  1. The Drudge Poll Numbers are in for Last Night’s Debate

    Trump – 52%
    Fiorina – 21%

    Carter got 0% and Bush 1%….

    Did anyone say President Trump? I think Fiorina could make a good vice president choice. Maybe Carter if his numbers improve.

    • avatar No Change says:

      If you think Trump will be the president you will deserve the mess he will make and the salve out of you. If that is is your choice/////

      • avatar No Change says:

        d the salve out of you= and the slave he will make out of you….you can have a great chef……..that does not mean he can run a country…….he has no brains for politics and care less about you as The People WATCH OUT!!!

        and do not come and tell me……if the guys in Congerss can’t do anything then maybe he is the answer…..he is the answer ONLY for himself……..Huckabee another out of time politician….he belongs to the 50s///obsolete…….we are out of choices……really….

      • avatar Richard Harris says:

        Conclusion based on no argument. You lose the debate.

  2. avatar Leland says:

    Read the Breitbart News link about the L-1B visas. This will essentially allow tech companies to bring into this country any worker they claim has “specialized knowledge”, a category so broad as to allow virtually any interpretation. In other words, the tech companies win again, and your government, and it’s supposedly pro-labor president, sell your interests out again. As a comment on that site said, “Their only specialized skill is doing a 75,000 job for 36,000.”