Today’s Immigration Headlines – Sept 15, 2015

Trump Riles Up Texas Crowd With Illegal Immigration Plans

“From his first moments as a candidate, Donald Trump has been forceful about his plans for illegal immigration. So it’s no surprise those plans, and controversial tone, were front and center on Monday night in Dallas at American Airlines Arena in front of more than 15,000 people. Trump hit the major points of his immigration plan — slamming sanctuary cities and pressing his reasoning that illegal immigration must be stopped,” states NBC News.

Denmark Will Not Take More Middle Eastern Refugees

“‘We will not take part in the 160,000 asylum seekers that shall be distributed. We won’t do it because we have an opt-out and because we are already taking in a great deal now,’ Støjberg said. In 2014, Denmark took in 15,000 asylum seekers, which according to Eurostat made the small country the 5th largest refuge per-captia in Europe,” reports the Daily Caller.

Cuba To Release 3,522 Prisoners Before Pope’s Arrival

“Cuba announced Friday that it would free 3,522 people from its jails — one of the largest prisoner releases since the 1959 revolution — as a gesture of goodwill to Pope Francis, who arrives on the island next week for a four-day visit,” writes the Miami Herald.

2.4 Million Illegal Aliens Reside in California

“California has the largest number of illegal immigrants in the United States, with an estimated 2.4 million unauthorized immigrants making up about 6.3 percent of the state’s total population, according to the Pew Research Center. While the number of illegal immigrants in California continues to rise, the increase in other areas of the country is happening at a much faster rate. The nationwide average increase in illegal immigrant populations was about 250 percent from 1990 to 2007, the Pew study said. In California, the rise was 88 percent,” Newsmax says.

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  1. avatar Leland says:

    Even the Germans are admitting that they cannot accept all the people they were welcoming just a couple weeks ago and that country now will set up border controls. 40,000 arrived over the weekend. It’s the same old story, all the people they were portraying as racists because those people realized that these waves of refugees are unsustainable ultimately turned out to be correct. Refugee camps in the mideast is the only solution. Not that those who were calling names intend to apologize. They’re never wrong.

    • avatar Leland says:

      Spin much? This is from an Associated Press story by Mike Corder and Shawn Pogatchnik, talking about Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s contention that “if people simply wanted safety, they could have stopped in Turkey, Greece, Macedonia, Serbia, Hungary, or Austria, not overwhelmingly sought to reach Germany.”

      Then the 2 reporters say this: “But people who had just crossed into Hungary, hours ahead of the new get-tough border regime offered a harrowingly different motive for their flight.”

      ” ‘Every day the Islamic State group was issuing new orders. The situation was terrible,’ said Raed Waleed Abdullah, a 34 year old Iraqi who fled the northern city of Mosul with his wife and three children after it’s takeover by the extremist movement. He said they paid the equivalent of $11,000 to Turkish smugglers to make the short sea crossing to Greece and had traveled for nine days so far.”

      Setting aside the fact that the Iraqi army fled Mosul, in spite of outnumbering the extremists ten to one and leaving behind military equipment now used by the group, what exactly is the “harrowingly different motive” that this family offered. They were in Turkey and paid “Turkish smugglers” to take them to Greece By their own words they confirmed what Orban said.