Today’s Immigration Headlines – Aug 26, 2015

Jonah Goldberg: Liberals Say Changing the Constitution is Great Unless it Involves Citizenship

“It’s funny: On countless public policy issues, liberals are obsessed with comparing America to European countries. Vermont senator Bernie Sanders routinely points out that Europeans have far more lavish welfare policies, including various forms of government-provided health care. President Obama loves to point to the gun-control policies of other industrialized nations. “Why can’t we just be more like (insert more left-wing European country)?” is the standard-issue rhetorical gimmick for cosmopolitan and sophisticated liberal policy wonks. Except when it’s not. No European country grants automatic citizenship to any person born on its soil. And yet, we are told that undoing this right would be a barbaric and retrograde reversal,” says Jonah Goldberg.

Sheriffs Association Wants Federal Immigration Warrants

“The leaders of the National Sheriff’s Association (NSA) met with Immigration and Customs Enforcement last Thursday to discuss the catch and release of criminal aliens and the need for a federal warrant on immigration. The meeting came at a time when local law enforcement and ICE are facing criticism by the public for releasing criminal aliens after capture,” the Daily Caller reports.

Alabama’s Law Didn’t Fail to Combat Illegal Immigration, It was Gutted

“At the time the law was passed, it was predicted to have disastrous consequences for the state’s economy. Those predictions of economic doom failed to materialize. Alabama’s unemployment level dropped significantly after passage. The law even accomplished its goal of convincing illegal immigrants to leave the state — at least, initially. And that’s where the bill’s real failure comes in. Due to the overwhelming legal pressure from the U.S. Department of Justice and to full-force opposition from corporate lobbies, HB 56 was gutted and made virtually toothless,” says the Daily Caller.

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  1. My Democrat Friends

    Don’t like my Earth Day values. So I have to hush around them? I’m too old for that, so a time out with our friendship is the other alternative.

  2. avatar Leland says:

    Britain ended birthright citizenship in 1983, France in 1993, and Ireland in 2005. They saw that porous borders and extensive welfare programs are a recipe for disaster. Just like we should be doing, but the media fails to report the numbers on welfare in this country due to birthright citizenship. Too bad France didn’t start years earlier. When the train attack in France was stopped a week ago I saw a news report that 5,000 jihadists are under observation by the police throughout that country. What an endorsement for immigration.

    • avatar BillT says:

      Ireland had pregnant Africans arriving within 48 hours of birth just to plop out a baby. Then this baby got the right to work in any EU country when it was old enough, so it became Europe’s problem.