Today’s Immigration Headlines – Aug 24, 2015

How to Stop Birthright Citizenship

“Birthright citizenship has exploded into the national discourse. The issue is generating a lot of heat on the Republican side of the aisle in particular, because it threatens to expose the long-standing rift between the party’s base and its pro-crony-capitalism establishment. Unfortunately, in arguing that the 14th Amendment requires citizenship for the children of illegal immigrants, some of the more prominent interlocutors are promoting an incorrect understanding of history. The Wall Street Journal’s recent editorial on the matter is a case in point, and my good friend John Yoo’s NR essay repeats one of the same basic flaws,” says John C. Eastman at National Review.

Unaccompanied Minors Released and Forced to Labor on Chicken Farm

“The thousand-mile journey to the Texas border was supposed to bring the Guatemalan teenagers to a better life. Instead, it was the beginning of a terrible ordeal: prosecutors say they were fraudulently plucked from U.S. custody by conspirators posing as friends or family who forced them to work as virtual slaves,” the AP reports.

D.C. Carjacking Suspect Was in the U.S. Illegally

“A man caught by D.C. police after carjacking a woman in the Sibley Hospital parking lot on Wednesday is an illegal immigrant who had already been deported once. He also carjacked another woman earlier in the week in Potomac, Maryland minutes after getting out of jail. On Monday, Guaymar Cabrera-Hernandez was released from the Montgomery County Detention Center where he has been since June. The charges against him for that arrest are unclear. He then showed up at an Islamic education center in Potomac and violently carjacked a 38-year-old woman,” Fox5DC reports.

Trump Defends Immigration Plan

“Donald Trump again made what seems like weekly appearances on Sunday interview shows, this time defending a plan that would remove all immigrants who are in the country illegally. While critics say the idea is impractical and would cost at least $400-to-$600 billion, Trump said on CBS and ABC that the country is already paying too high a price for illegal immigration,” USA Today reports.

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  1. avatar Linda Courts says:

    I find the whole question of the high cost of removing illegals a bit confusing. It will cost mega bucks,,,how,,,did it cost mega bucks for them to get here? Why are they given citizens rights of legal procedure when they are not citizens?

    Basic human rights for illegals does not, should not, include basic legal representation as defined by U.S. Law for American citizens. They need to be fed/treated decently, but returned to their countries of origin ASAP without the red tape of due process of law afforded to American citizens. if they broke US laws coming in, basically they are criminals. Crossing the U.S. Border illegally does not make them less than human, but it should not entitle them to the same privileges, legal or otherwise as legal citizens.

    How expensive is a bus ticket??? Secure the border, develop an EFFECTIVE tracking system for those visiting on visas then send those here illegally home in an expedited fashion.

    Naively simplistic, possibly, but walking across a border illegally can be pretty easy. Why should it be extremely difficult to “walk them back over that same border”? A little common sense is all that’s needed!

  2. avatar Leland says:

    There’s no way that making jobs impossible to obtain for illegals by use of e-verify, denying them driver’s licenses, prosecuting them for using someone else’s identity, and other measures to discourage illegals, “would cost at least $400 to $600 billion”. That would cause most of them to leave like they came, under their own power. The rest would be deported as caught. Those huge numbers for a total forced deportation are just a strawman that the “critics” insist is the only choice we have other than “reform” aka amnesty. Self deportation is not only a choice, but a very reasonably priced one.

    • E-verify Has Always Been the Root Solution to IA Elimination

      It works far better than Trump’s Wall [built by the Mexicans?].

      Or Border Guards on stand-down and ICE playing cribbage.