5045502202_41476791a4_oHappy 80th to Social Security!!  After we blow out the candles and turn on the lights, let us face reality.  Not to spoil the party, but it is no secret that our Social Security system is not in great shape. With a deficit of around $486 billion, matters can only get worse if real measures are not put into play. FAIR’s new issue brief reminds us that “granting amnesty to the illegal alien population would come at a serious cost”, not the least is the one to Social Security. Amnesty: Breaking the Social Security Bank, makes the point that granting amnesty to illegal aliens would likely exacerbate Social Security’s solvency problems.

Giving legal status to illegal aliens will not solve the Social Security system deficit problem. If anything, it will add to the number of people already fighting over the last piece of cake.

Happy Birthday Social Security! But let’s not get side-tracked. Social Security is in real need of a fix, and even the Obama administration admits that amnesty will not help.

Read the issue brief here.