Today’s Immigration Headlines – Aug 7, 2015

Coulter Says Trump Understands the Immigration Issue

“It’s still all the Donald. He was the big man on stage. They challenged him in that first question about supporting the eventual nominee — whomever it may be — and he was right to refuse. The issues he represents cannot be subordinated to party. One wishes he had hammered the immigration point in that first question, by saying: ‘Any candidate who doesn’t respond to the threat of uncontrolled immigration cannot represent me.’ He’d better understand that’s his signature issue. Other than that, he sounds informed, smart, and presidential. Brilliant on Obamacare. Brilliant on giving money to politicians. Brilliant on immigration,” says Ann Coulter at Breitbart News.

Bromides on Immigration

“This was the most entertaining debate I’ve seen, but there was no additional light shed on the candidates’ views on immigration. The issue came up early, but both the questions and the answers were predictable. Everybody’s against illegal immigration. Everybody wants better border enforcement. Everybody’s against sanctuary cities and pretty young women being killed by illegal-alien felons protected by commies in San Francisco,” says CIS Executive Director Mark Krikorian.

Debate Emphasizes Border Security

“On the divisive issue of immigration, the tone at Thursday night’s Republican presidential debate ranged from compassionate (Jeb Bush) to harsh (Donald Trump). But no matter the tone – or the policy – the eventual GOP nominee will have a very tough time winning crucial Latino votes in the general election,” the Christian Science Monitor says.

“When it comes to the competing demands of the primary season and general election, perhaps no other issue disadvantages Republicans more than immigration. On Thursday night, the candidates emphasized border security – an appeal to the Republican base. No one advocated a path to citizenship for the millions of undocumented workers in America, which is favored by Latino voters.”

How to Improve Legal Immigration

“The American economy demands immigrants of every skill level, but Indian and Chinese immigrants are more educated than Mexican immigrants. Up to 71.6 percent of Indian immigrants have a bachelor’s degree or higher, while 53.4 percent of Chinese immigrants do. Only 10.1 percent of Mexican immigrants are as educated. Whereas Mexican immigrants were mostly less educated than Americans, Indian and Chinese immigrants are much more skilled,” says Alex Nowrasteh at The Hill.

“The Republican presidential debates this week marked the first serious start to the election cycle. Immigration dominated the first debate with each candidate scrambling to condemn illegal immigration more than the other. The bland bromides of support for “securing the border” and more immigration enforcement are out of date in 2015. The changing facts of immigration and our dynamic economy require an update.”

DHS Fights Ruling on Family Detention

“Imigration officials urged a judge to reconsider her ruling to release hundreds of women and children from immigration detention facilities, warning that it would result in an uptick in border crossings, Department of Homeland Security officials said in a written response to the court late Thursday,” the LA Times writes.

“The ruling ‘would greatly impact DHS’s operational capacity and its ability to secure the borders,’ they stated, adding that border officials have already seen increased border crossings of unaccompanied children and families this summer, especially in the Rio Grande Valley.”

Illegal Immigrant Walks Through Channel Tunnel

“British authorities are investigating how a Sudanese migrant managed to walk nearly the entire length of the 31-mile (50-kilometer) Channel Tunnel from Calais before being stopped,” the AP reported.

DHS Will Revise Visa Waiver Standards

“The Department of Homeland Security has toughened air travel requirements on foreign governments in response to what it believes is the growing threat from fighters who have gone to Syria and Iraq to join the Islamic State and other groups, senior American officials said Thursday,” the New York Times reported.

“The changes will be applied to the so-called visa waiver program that the United States has with 38 countries. The program allows citizens of those countries to enter the United States on visits of fewer than 90 days without being interviewed for visas at American consulates and embassies.”

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  1. I Don’t Know Who Lacks Skills Worse Than Open Border Pundits

    They force us to accept unfettered immigration or be labeled Racist, a totally off the beaten path ideology. Voters aren’t confused about the relatively stagnant job market in a much faster growing population.

  2. avatar Leland says:

    Open borders advocate Alex Nowrasteh is at it again. He claims “The American economy demands immigrants of every skill level.” Actually no, we still have massive unemployment and underemployment, in spite of what the doctored numbers say. That’s why wages went up this spring at their lowest rate in 33 years. That doesn’t happen in a tight labor market. He also says “The bland bromides of securing the border and more immigration enforcement are out of date in 2015.” We have to really do those things first before we can declare them “out of date”.

    Every few weeks there’s a survey saying 3/4 of Latinos don’t approve of some candidate. Of course, the reason they don’t approve is because they think Latinos don’t need to obey the laws the rest of us obey. And our media will continue it’s crusade this weekend to turn “unarmed” hoodlum Michael Brown of Ferguson Missouri into the new Rosa Parks. Never mind that a video showed him robbing a store and manhandling a clerk, but we’re supposed to believe that 15 min. later it’s impossible he attacked a cop. Certain segments of society need to stop glorifying criminal behavior.