Today’s Immigration Headlines – July 30, 2015

Sanders Critical of Open Borders in New Appearance

“Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) found himself at odds with some immigration reform advocates Thursday, defending his 2007 vote against a comprehensive immigration bill and telling an audience hosted by the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce that ‘open borders’ were a threat to American jobs.
‘There is a reason that Wall Street likes immigration reform,’ Sanders said. ‘What I think they’re interested in is seeing a process by which we can bring low-wage labor into this county,’” the Washington Post writes.

Rand Paul Not Libertarian Enough for Open-Border Supporter

“There is no functional difference between the war on drugs and the war on immigration. Both use the power of the state to go after the supposed perpetrators of victimless “crimes” (actually, in the case of immigration, the “crimes” are not only victimless, but have only beneficiaries) while running roughshod over civil liberties and decimating minority communities,” says Shikha Dalmia at

“Yet [Sen.] Paul opposes the drug war and supports the immigration war, I note in my column at The Week. He went before the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and chastised his party’s harsh anti-immigration talk in 2013 – only to join in with a vengeance.”

Qualcomm Lays Off Thousands, Lobbies for More Visas

“Another tech giant that says it must import foreign workers because there aren’t enough skilled American workers in the industry is laying off thousands of workers. Qualcomm — a major producer of smartphone chips — announced last week it’s eliminating 15 percent of its workforce or about 4,500 employees, just weeks after fellow tech giant Microsoft announced a massive round of layoffs,” the Daily Caller says.

Deliberate Blindness to Illegal Immigration’s Costs

“Donald Trump’s blunt and clumsy comments about illegal immigration sparked the usual firestorm of criticism from the well heeled of both parties. Particularly vocal were those Republicans who think that an amorphous, make-believe category comprising “Hispanics” or “Latinos” will vote Republican if only Republican meanies like Trump would stop insulting them by complaining about illegal aliens. As usual, willful ignorance or blindness about the costs of illegal immigration underwrites these dubious ideas,” says Bruce Thornton at Front Page Magazine.

Trump Discusses Potential Touch-Back Policy for Illegal Aliens

“Donald Trump, the Republican presidential hopeful who shot up to the head of the pack over his controversial comments about illegal immigrants, is finally starting to lay out an immigration policy. Trump said Wednesday in an interview with CNN’s Dana Bash that as president he would deport all undocumented immigrants and then allow the “good ones” to reenter the country through an “expedited process” and live in the U.S. legally, though not as citizens,” CNN reports.

Coulter: Ohio Attack Shows Need for Border Security

“On Wednesday’s broadcast of Fox News Channel’s ‘The Kelly File,’ Ann Coulter, author of ‘¡Adios, America! — The Left’s Plan to Turn Our Country into a Third World Hellhole,’ reacted to a recent string of crimes committed by an illegal alien, which included the attempted rape of an underage girl. According to Coulter, this was the norm and not the exception, which emphasized the need for a stricter immigration policy,” Breitbart News says.

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  1. avatar Leland says:

    If you read the Daily Caller link to the Qualcomm story, it notes that a study of their H1B visa hires from 2010 to 2013 said “just 32% held advanced US degrees”. In other words, all these big tech companies claim that they are hiring the cream of the crop and it’s simply false. They want to fire Americans making a higher salary and replace them with cheaper compliant foreign workers.

    And one thing not to forget about the 2013 “comprehensive reform act” is that it was not only an amnesty but also allowed for companies to bring in more foreign workers at all levels, far greater than the numbers now. How can anyone who’s not a corporate lobbyist, or their paid off political pals, even argue the plain fact that mass immigration is all about lowering wages and leaving American workers with no bargaining power in the face of a flood of foreign workers.

    • Its Always Been That Way Leland

      I’ve worked aerospace and automotive engineering for decades, the term technical workforce used to be mostly locals from junior colleges with some degreed engineers.

      Yankee ingenuity done that way developed Windows 98, remember, the O/S that didn’t have quality defects requiring weekly patches, like today’s MSFT O/Ss built with H-1Bs mixed in. They didn’t require virus S/W either.