Today’s Immigration Headlines – July 29, 2015

Illegal Alien Arrested After Ohio Crime Spree Including Murder

“[Juan Emmanual] Razo is being held in the Lake County Jail and is expected to be arraigned in Painesville Municipal Court on July 28 at 3 p,m.
Lake County Prosecutor Charles Coulson [. . . ] said Razo will be initially charged with one count of attempted murder, but that additional charges were expected in the future. ‘We’re dealing with at least four different crime scenes,’ Coulson said,” according to the News Herald.

“While Razo has no prior local criminal record, he did have contact with the Sheriff’s Office on July 7. While investigating a call about a suspicious person on Casement Avenue, police spoke with him, Dunlap said. Border Patrol was contacted and spoke with Razo, but no detainer was issued.”

Will Bush or Trump View Prevail in GOP?

“On the question of immigration, the Republican Party is at a crossroads. The party could take the Jeb Bush approach. “The way I look at this,” Bush said last year, ‘is someone who comes to our country because they couldn’t come legally, they come to our country because their families — the dad who loved their children — was worried that their children didn’t have food on the table.. Yes, they broke the law, but it’s not a felony. It’s an act of love,’” says Joe Trippi.

Mass Hearings Could Clear Backlogs

“The defendants, most of them young men in rumpled clothes, shuffle into the courtroom early in the afternoon, their movements restricted by shackles around ankles and wrists. They number about 70, and soon they fill row after row of seats before a magistrate judge in United States District Court here,” says a Christian Science Monitor story about mass court hearings for illegal aliens.

“Eight at a time, they stand in front of the judge to swiftly accept pleas and utter “culpable,” declaring themselves guilty of entering the country illegally, primarily through the Arizona desert. The Operation Streamline hearing ends in just about two hours, but some have lasted as little as a half hour. The convicted migrants, most from Mexico and Central America, then file out of the courtroom with dejected looks.”

Jindal Critical of Bush

“On CBS This Morning, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal criticized former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush for endorsing amnesty to all of the illegal aliens who broke into the country and live here in defiance of our laws. The hosts first tried to get Jindal to denounce GOP frontrunner Donald Trump for declaring that Mexico is sending criminals such as rapists, murderers, and drunk drivers across the border: ‘Do you think he should be in this race? What about his comments that he’s made?’” Breitbart News reports.

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  1. avatar joeyinwi says:

    they need to call his embassy and have his country provide law services and translators for him. we need to establish this man as a citizen of another country. its time to trouble other countries with their own people. maybe they will do more to mitigate their costs and make it harder for them to illegally enter our country. every foreigner should be told to contact their embassies when they get arrested. then we will get a better idea of the actual numbers of criminal aliens. their countries demand their say when it comes to our immigration laws. they allow dual citizenship in order to keep them loyal to their country and be able to collect money they send back.

  2. When a Father Robs a Bank to Feed His Family

    Its similarly an act of love too, now I’m rolling on the ground in laughter…..the open border pundits are desperate for excuses. They’ve gotten so absurd, its almost a comedy act.

  3. avatar Leland says:

    If Jeb Bush is so worried about fathers who can’t feed their children, he should be lobbying the Catholic Church he is a member of to change their 17th century teachings on birth control. But as usual it’s our job to pick up the pieces of other dysfunctional countries who can’t get their act together. Since he claims their illegal entry is an “act of love”, maybe he should state just how many acts of love this country can accept. Any limits on that? A billion? Two?

    What’s not to like about Bernie Sanders saying mass immigration is a big business tactic to drive wages and benefits to nothing? Unlike Jeb, who wants to triple legal immigration. Sanders also tells the truth about all these “free trade” deals being nothing but job killers for American workers. As far as Hillary, I think she’s planning to photo-op her way to the nomination. This country can’t be stupid enough to elect another Bush or Clinton, can it?

    • avatar SecBorders says:

      I agree. Can’t this country do better than another Bush or Clinton? I hope that some Democrat voters will listen to what Bernie Sanders has to say. One cannot be for increasing the wages and benefits of American workers and also be for flooding the American labor market with cheap foreign labor without negative results.