Today’s Immigration Headlines – July 13, 2015

ICE Report Reveals How Many Illegal Aliens Arrested After Release

“More than 1,800 immigrants that the federal government wanted to deport were nevertheless released from local jails and later re-arrested for various crimes, according to a government report released Monday. The Immigration and Customs Enforcement report — obtained by an organization that actively opposes illegal immigration — said the re-arrested immigrants were among 8,145 people who were freed between January and August 2014, despite requests from federal agents that they be held for deportation,” the Washington Times reported.

Appeals Court Hears Arguments Over Obama Amnesty Plan

“Lawyers for Texas and a coalition of states opposing President Obama’s executive action on immigration made their case to a federal appeals court here Friday, sparring about whether the president has the authority to shield an estimated 5 million immigrants from deportation, and the costs that would impose on states,” the LA Times reported.

“Texas and 25 other states sued to halt the programs, an extension of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals and Deferred Action for Parents of Americans. The larger program, known as DAPA, would offer three-year work permits to parents of citizens and other legal residents, but not recent arrivals or those with serious criminal records.”

Walker Joins Presidential Race; Immigration Stance Draws Notice

“Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker announced Monday morning on social media and in a campaign video that he was joining the packed GOP presidential race. ‘I’m in,’ tweeted the Republican, who built a national profile largely due to his clashes with labor unions. His track record on national policy issues is murkier. For instance, Walker, who is the first governor in U.S. history to defeat a recall election, has flip-flopped his position on immigration a number of times in recent months,” says Fox News Latino.

Boehner Blames Obama for Immigration Inaction

“Rep. John Boehner (R-Ohio) is putting the blame for Congress’s failure to move immigration reform squarely on the shoulders of President Obama. The House Speaker said he’s been pushing immigration reform since he took the gavel four years ago, but the president has “poisoned the well” with his executive actions on the issue,” The Hill wrote.

Illegal Alien Caught After Hit-and-Run

“Federal immigration officials tell ABC11 a second illegal immigrant suspected of causing a serious wreck this week will not be allowed out of jail. Earlier this week, the I-Team covered the return of Efren Roblero to the streets of Wake County,” ABC 11 reported.

Rupert Murdoch Says Trump Wrong on Immigration

“Media mogul Rupert Murdoch, who is considered a conservative kingmaker as the man behind Fox News, thinks Donald Trump is “wrong” about immigrants.
On Twitter on Sunday night, Murdoch acknowledged Trump’s popularity but took a swipe at the candidate’s comments about illegal immigration. Trump’s campaign to be the Republican presidential candidate has swelled in support and media attention following his controversial remarks about the threat posed by undocumented immigrants in the United States,” CNN reports.

New Surge Coming at the Border

“Large numbers of unaccompanied minors and incomplete families once again cross the Texas border. The numbers are not as great as last summer’s surge but Border Patrol agents tell Breitbart Texas that significant crossings have again resumed. ‘This is starting to resemble the surge of 2014,’ Border Patrol agent Chris Cabrera told Breitbart Texas Managing Director Brandon Darby in an interview in June. ‘We are not nearly at the numbers we were last year, but it looks like we are in the opening stages,’” Breitbart News reports.

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  1. avatar Johan says:

    Do You Know How Many People Came Out For The International Migration Company. check it out(

  2. avatar Leland says:

    Not surprising that Murdoch would oppose Trump. Trump clearly has a mind of this own, unaffected by labels. He is totally opposed to the 12 nation Trans Pacific Partnership trade deal that most of the GOP establishment loves. He says with total accuracy that every one of these past trade deals has left us with huge trade deficits with those countries, exactly the opposite of what was promised.

    Trump also opposes Obamacare but has said in the past we need a national healthcare plan. There’s no contradiction. Obamacare is a boon for the insurance companies. plain and simple. Again it’s another case of looking further than the headlines about how many are “signed up”. Many people are paying huge premiums but have such high deductibles that for all intents and purposes those people cannot afford to use their insurance.

    Everyone yells about “socialized medicine” but all we are doing now is guaranteeing huge profits for insurance companies. Where is the medical need served by forking over billions to those companies. Why not spend that money on care? Besides we already have a national healthcare plan. It’s called Medicare and no one seriously proposes getting rid of it.

    • The ACA Destroyed Medicaid

      The politicians should read the bills carefully before signing. About 70% of the uninsured were put on Medicaid, without significant additional funding, IOWs they just watered it down for our disabled without funding it.

      • avatar Leland says:

        I have been going to my primary doctor for over 20 years. He is very meticulous about not ordering unnecessary procedures and he’s always been that way. But he told me that he spends an hour or more every day personally convincing various insurance companies that his patients need a test or procedure he recommends. He could be spending that time with patients. People talk about government death panels, but how about all the times people with a serious illness exhaust their insurance and have to pay on their own or go without.

        • Medicaid and Even Medicare

          Are seeing many doctors refusing it and just taking good insurance or cash only. The cost of Medicaid and Medicare billing eats up the profits and many would go bankrupt taking the plans.