Today’s Immigration Headlines – July 7, 2015

White House Defends Immigration Position After S.F. Killing

“The White House on Monday defended its immigration policies and blasted Republicans following the killing of a San Francisco woman — allegedly by an illegal immigrant. When asked if the case was a failure of the administration’s enforcement policies, White House press secretary Josh Earnest chided Republicans for blocking a bipartisan immigration bill that would have boosted funding for border security,” The Hill reports.

Illegal Alien Formally Charged in S.F. Slaying

“San Francisco prosecutors Monday charged an illegal immigrant — with a lengthy criminal record and deported five times — with the murder of a young woman at a popular city pier. Francisco Sanchez, a 45-year-old repeat drug offender released from jail April 15 after law enforcement officials declined to prosecute him, was expected to be arraigned Tuesday in the killing of Kathryn Steinle, 32,” Fox News reports.

Sanctuary City Debate Returns After Latest Killing

“The shooting death of a woman along the San Francisco waterfront has inflamed the already contentious national debate over illegal immigration, with the Obama administration accusing local officials of releasing the suspected shooter in defiance of efforts to deport him. The latest clash over the nation’s 11.3 million illegal migrants began after the death Wednesday of Kathryn Steinle, 31, who was shot in the upper torso as she walked with her father at a popular tourist destination. San Francisco police swarmed the area and arrested a man an hour later, police said,” the Washington Post reports.

Asking the Wrong Question

“With few exceptions, Republican presidential candidates have lined up in strong opposition to legal status for undocumented immigrants. Not by executive action, not by legislation. ‘No amnesty,’ said Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker. Donald Trump’s incendiary comments on Mexican immigrants as he entered the race has placed a renewed focus on the issue in the crowded primary contest. But there’s one question that neither The Donald nor his fellow Republican candidates have been willing to answer: What should the U.S. do with the estimated 11 million people already in the country illegally?” says Bloomberg News’ Sahil Kapur.

Trump Puts Blame on Both Parties for Immigration Mess

“Univision and NBC may claim to be distancing themselves from Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump over his recently stated opposition to criminal illegal aliens, but Trump’s strong stance against criminal illegals has been well established for years and buttressed by governmental data,” Breitbart News says.

“In his 2011 bestselling book, Time to Get Tough, Trump held both Republicans and Democrats responsible for the nation’s failed immigration policies and cited Government Accountability Office (GAO) data revealing the economic costs the nation’s 351,000 criminal aliens imposed on U.S. taxpayers at the time.”

Boehner Promises Irish Audience House Will Move Immigration Measures

“‘The speaker of the US House of Representatives Rep. John Boehner has told a Dublin audience of his determination to overcome Republican resistance to immigration reform,’ Arthur Beesley wrote from Dublin, Ireland, for the Irish Times,” notes Breitbart News. “Mr Boehner also told how Taoiseach Enda Kenny has harangued him on the matter, telling him how the lack of reform has left some Irish immigrants listening to a parent’s funeral by phone. His remarks indicate he may yet move to confront opponents of reform within his own Republican party, which is in the vanguard of resistance to it and has a majority in the House.”

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  1. avatar SecBorders says:

    This latest murder committed by an illegal alien at a pier in San Francisco is pretty sobering for me, because I live in the Bay Area and a number of times a year like to walk along the waterfront, especially in the summer when the fog is rolling in and it is much cooler than where I live. There is nothing new about crime in SF and I knew that it is a sanctuary city, but I had felt that the waterfront area was a safer area.

    I also usually spend a good amount of money at a well-known restaurant while there, as well as doing other things, but no more. I am calling the SF city government and telling them they have lost my business until they rescind their sanctuary city policy because they are putting the safety of myself and others at risk because of their policies.

    Tourism is a huge part of the economy of SF, and a lot of it is from international visitors, but I think that if enough Americans made a conscious effort to reduce optional tourist type visits to sanctuary cities it could put enough pressure on them to change their policies. There are business/work related reasons people would often be unable to avoid sanctuary cities, but if millions of Americans reduced as much as possible optional visits to these cities, the financial pressure could very likely force them to change. Why spend money in a city like SF and give their city government your money when they are so unconcerned about your safety?

    Also, I do not like what Boehner is doing in Ireland, promoting giving illegal aliens from Ireland amnesty in our country. I am part Irish, but I do not want illegal aliens from Ireland or anywhere else given amnesty, because if they have no problem breaking our immigration laws what other laws are they going to be OK about breaking? We should only allow the best people the world has to offer to come here, not the worst. I don’t care where they are from.

  2. avatar Leland says:

    The typical media propaganda from Bloomberg’s Sahil Kapur. He talks about Trump’s, quote unquote, “incendiary comments on Mexican immigrants”, when in fact he has made it clear from the beginning that he is talking about the crime brought by ILLEGALS. Associated Press and Rueters do the same thing, headline after headline about Trump’s “attack on immigrants”. No, one more time, stop lying. It’s about illegals, which he made explicitly clear in his very first statement.

    Speaker of the House John Boehner is also doing his usual untruths. He says “the lack of reform had left some Irish immigrants listening to a parent’s funeral by phone”. No, they are NOT immigrants. If that were the case, they could go home for the funeral. Obviously, they are here ILLEGALLY, which means if they leave they cannot come back. Once again, the leader of the party that pretends to cherish upholding American law is no better than the Democrats on the issue. When are all those enforcement bills that we were promised last fall with a GOP victory going to happen? Boehner is just another paid off faker. Maybe we do need a third party.