Today’s Immigration Headlines – July 2, 2015

Trump Has a Point

“For all its crassness, Trump’s rant on immigration is closer to reality than the gauzy clichés of the immigration romantics unwilling to acknowledge that there might be an issue welcoming large numbers of high school dropouts into a 21st-century economy. If we don’t want to add to the ranks of the poor, the uninsured and the welfare dependent, we should have fewer low-skilled immigrants — assuming saying that is not yet officially considered a hate crime,” says Rich Lowry at Politico.

Mom of Legal Immigrant Killed by Illegal Alien Sends Protest Letter to Obama

“Dominic (30 years old) my only child and my best friend was killed (7-12-12) by a guy from Guatemala that was in the USA illegally for many years and had committed many crimes, including a felony armed robbery and 2 DUI’s. He never followed our laws (no license, no insurance or car registration) but expected our laws to protect him when he was arrested,” said Sabine Durden, the mother of a legal immigrant from Germany who was killed by an illegal alien drunk driver.

DHS Dramatically Scales Back Deportations

“America’s massive dragnet is shrinking rapidly, both because of the new enforcement policies and declining flows of new immigrants crossing the southwest border, DHS officials say. Deportations, for example, are dropping. The Obama administration is on pace to remove 229,000 people from the country this year, a 27 percent fall from last year and nearly 50 percent less than the all-time high in 2012,” the Washington Post reports.

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  1. avatar Leland says:

    Rich Lowery is correct about the education levels of immigrants from Mexico. But to take it even further, many illegals, you know, those people we seem to have no choice about whether they get to stay here because this administration has stopped deportations of all but the most violent criminals, barely have sixth grade educations a lot of the time.

    There is NO argument, at least among those with the slightest amount of intelligence, that those people will take far more from the government, national and state, than they will ever put in tax wise. I’ve never been a big Trump fan, but it is refreshing to see someone not back down, not surrendering to the perpetually offended and the professional ethnics.

    As for the Washington Post and their “declining flows” of illegals crossing the southern border, it’s just another case of reporters just repeating the White House talking points. What has declined is the number caught, not necessarily fewer crossing. Border Patrol agents have testified, under oath, that they face discipline if they report groups of more than 20 crossing the border and making it into the interior of the country.

    Why this is important is because, say a group of 34 is instead reported as a group of 18, then under accurate numbers those extra 16 would be added to the total of those not caught. Keeping estimates under 20 lowers the over all total numbers. But we have a White House that knows nothing but spin, and the media, willingly or not, allows it.