Today’s Immigration Headlines – June 22, 2015

Illegal Alien Waves Mexican Flag At Graduation

“University graduates routinely show great emotion (spontaneous and sometimes scripted) as they stand in front of crowds to mark momentous occasions. Onlookers clap and cheer, hoot and holler, and then wait to see what the next student (or student body) will do. But one UC San Diego student’s Mexican flag-waving exuberance has sparked a conversation that’s transcended her brief moment Sunday. Indira Esparza, a 22-year-old undocumented student who moved to the U.S. when she was 2, proudly unfurled the green, white and red flag of Mexico as she walked across the stage,” UT San Diego wrote.

Corporate Lobby Stymies Immigration Enforcement

“‘What about Ag?’ As a veteran Capitol Hill staffer recently told me, that’s the question invariably asked of members of Congress whenever they put their support behind a bill promising for better immigration enforcement or stronger border security. The power of the ‘Big Ag’ lobby (‘Ag’ is short for ‘Agriculture’) was put on display recently when it came out in full force against Rep. Lamar Smith’s Legal Workforce Act, a bill that would make mandatory the monumentally sensible and wildly popular E-Verify program—Sen. Grassley introduce its companion bill last month—Although a major player, Big Ag’s certainly not the only lobby with outsized influence over immigration policy; they’re merely in the top ten,” says Ian Smith.

Coulter, Gutierrez Debate Immigration

“Columnist and author of ‘Adios, America’ Ann Coulter debated immigration with former MSNBC host Joy Reid and Congressman Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) on Friday’s broadcast of HBO’s ‘Real Time.’ The discussion began with Maher and Coulter debating the number of illegal immigrants in the US, and the prior immigration system in the US. Coulter said that, ‘We used to have an immigration policy where we would choose the best in the world, and that was changed,’ Maher rebutted, ‘Well, we would choose the whitest in the world,’” Breitbart News reports.

Immigration Lawyers Protest Munoz Appearance at AILA Meeting

“A group of immigration attorneys and activists protested the appearance of Cecilia Muñoz, the Obama administration’s domestic policy council director, whom they accuse of supporting deportation policies that separate and jail families. Muñoz had been scheduled as the keynote speaker at the Annual Conference on Immigration Law hosted by the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA). She defended the administration’s continued policy to separate families despite calls from immigration activists to end the practice, reported to Law360,” the Latin Post says.

Sen. Sanders Past Immigration Positions Defended American Workers

“Running as a presidential hopeful in 2016, Bernie Sanders has touted his support for immigration reform and the need to find a solution to a problem that has long vexed Washington. But in 2007, Sanders was part of the charge from the left to kill an immigration overhaul bill,” Politico writes.

“Back then, the Vermont independent warned that the immigration bill — a product from then-Sen. Ted Kennedy (D-Mass.) and Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) — would drive down wages for lower-income workers, an argument that’s been used by hard-liner reform opponents. He paired with conservative Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) on a restrictive immigration amendment. And Sanders backed provisions characterized as poison pills to unravel the bill, while voting to block the final measure in June 2007.”

Rubio Quiet on Immigration For Now

“Over the first six months of 2013, freshman Senator Marco Rubio shot to national prominence as he took the lead on one of the nation’s most divisive issues, with all the political promise and peril that goes with such a move. He joined a bipartisan group of senators pushing a law to crack down on illegal immigration while blazing a path for some of the 11 million illegal immigrants already here to achieve legal status,” the Boston Globe says.

“During 2013, he mentioned “immigration” or “immigrant” 135 times on the Senate floor. But over the last two years, he’s only uttered those words two times, according to a Globe review of the Congressional Record. Over those first six months of 2013, his office sent out nearly 150 press releases on immigration. Since then, he has issued just three press releases on the subject.”

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  1. Big Ag Wants Amnesty

    Of course they do a lot of Big Ag in America is owned by foreigners now….why do you think we use more oil adding alcohol to gasoline, even though adding it uses more oil than not adding it. Then Big Ag can gouge us for farm grain from corn and burgers cost $6/lb.

  2. avatar SecBorders says:

    If you want Bill Maher’s immigration debate with Ann Coulter on YouTube and listen to the LA audience cheering for millions more illegal and legal immigrants from the Third World, it explains why California’s idiot voters keep voting for open border politicians even though California has too many people and is running out of water.

    Rep. Gutierrez’s response to the fact that murderers, rapists, and other criminals are coming into our country illegally is to say that this is racist, and the equivalent of calling all Hispanics rapists, etc. No, Gutierrez, pointing out that criminals are crossing our Southern border is not the same as calling every Hispanic in the country a criminal. Has he thought about the fact that US citizen Hispanics are victims of crimes committed by people in this country illegally? Apparently not. How many Hispanics died on 9/11? All he is interested in is expanding his voting base and will label anyone who opposes his agenda with facts a racist in order to silence them.

  3. avatar Leland says:

    Obviously Bill Maher has not thought this over a lot. He thinks that illegal immigration is overestimated and that it’s no problem now “given lower birthrates among Mexican women”. I’ve heard that argument before and it’s rather compelling unless you stop and consider the fact that the Mexican illegals crossing the border are not toddlers. They’re grown men and women, teenagers at the least. The birthrate NOW has nothing to do with those people.

    • avatar MT says:

      Maher is both correct and incorrect in his statement about the fertility of Mexican women. It is true that birthrates among Mexican women have dropped. But that is in Mexico. When they get to the USA those same rates go up. Why? Because here in the USA our government provides single, illegal alien women all kinds of incentives to have more children. An example is the University of New Mexico prenatal program. They specifically encourage foreign nationals to attend that program. That is just one of many benefits. In short, Mexican women get rewarded for crossing our border illegally and then having more children here than they would have had if they had stayed in Mexico.

      The Mexican government benefits because now it has more dual citizens it can influence to vote the way the plutocratic oligarchy in Mexico wants and therefore it now makes it easier for them to meddle in US internal affairs. All of the feeders on the victimization gravy train benefit (e.g. ESL/Bilingual teachers in public schools, immigration lawyers, businesses that cater to Mexicans, translators and interpreters, counselors, social workers and others that provide them with all kinds of social services for “victims” or those with a “victim” mentality, big agriculture, Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, MoneyGram, Western Union and other money transfer services, banks, construction and other industries that like to hire below a livable wage, etc.)

      The only people that don’t benefit are the middle-class American citizen voters and even the working-class American citizen voters. They pay taxes to provide all the services and benefits these people need and demand and then to make matters worse many of them also have to then compete with these illegal aliens for jobs.

      • avatar Leland says:

        I agree totally with what you are saying. And what Maher said was technically correct. But he’s trying to portray illegal immigration as no longer a problem because of recent lower birth rates in Mexico. Like I said, it’s not toddlers crossing the border.