FAIR Action AlertLast month, the Senate passed legislation granting President Obama fast track trade promotion authority (TPA). With TPA, President Obama will be able to implement part of his immigration agenda through trade agreements instead of legislation in Congress! He is currently negotiating a major trade deal-known as the Trade Pacific Partnership (TPP)-where a “key feature” of the TPP is a “temporary entry” guest worker program!

Call Your U.S. Representative NOW! Tell Him/Her Congress Must Not Give President Obama Authority to Change Immigration Laws Through Trade Agreements!

Supporters of the TPA claim that no immigration is involved in the trade deals, but they refused to let the Senate vote on amendments that would have expressly denied the TPA the authority to change immigration law! In fact, past trade agreements have been used to “dramatically alter established law and bring in more immigrants.”

Now the fate of the TPA is up to the House of Representatives and the vote is going to be close! We need your help, the House is planning to vote on TPA sometime TOMORROW!

The consequences of giving President Obama authority to fast track trade agreements are severe. Call your Representative NOW!

Tell Him or Her:

  • You OPPOSE the Trade Promotion Authority, and do not believe President Obama can be trusted to negotiate anything that might affect immigration law.
  • President Obama has already unilaterally usurped the power that belongs to Congress to change immigration laws, and Congress has NO business giving up more of its authority to him.
  • You want your Representative to tell Speaker Boehner NOT to bring the TPA to the floor at all, and to vote NO if he does.
  • You cannot believe in the assurances of the TPA’s supporters that the bill will not affect immigration. If that were true, the Senate would have included the amendments that would have made those assurances legally binding.

To find your Representative, click here.