Today’s Immigration Headlines – June 8, 2015

Fast Food Chief Endorses “Legalization”

“Republican presidential hopefuls always clobber one another over immigration policy. This cycle has been no exception, with Scott Walker, Jeb Bush and others carving out their own territory. The winner is the Democratic nominee, who can use immigration as a powerful weapon against the eventual Republican candidate. Hillary Clinton no doubt sees the potential. While she has commented on little else, she has already promised that if elected she would go beyond President Obama’s questionable executive order,” says Andy Puzder, chief executive officer of CKE Restaurants.

Favoring Foreign Workers Over Americans

“With another week, we have another example of the immigration system harming American workers. In this case, it’s the H1-B visa program, which grants up to 85,000 visas a year, ostensibly to help U.S. companies fill high-tech positions for which, purportedly, no American is suitably educated. These are jobs, companies like Microsoft and Facebook argue, that require such specialization in computer science that they rely on the importation of IT super-hero geniuses. Or something,” says Tammy Bruce in the Washington Times.

“Well, not so fast. More and more American workers are finding they’re not only losing their jobs to H1-B visa holders, more often than not, these fired workers also have to endure the ignominy of training their replacements.”

Suspect in DC Mansion Murders Flagged for Deportation

“U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement has flagged for deportation the sole suspect charged in the high-profile, quadruple homicide in the multimillion dollar Northwest home of businessman Savvas Savopoulos,” the Washington Times reported.

“The agency has placed an immigration detainer on Darron Delon Dennis Wint, who was arrested and charged with first-degree murder in last month’s killings of a D.C. couple, their 10-year-old child and the family’s housekeeper. ICE officials confirmed that Mr. Wint, who is a citizen of Guyana, could face deportation from the United States if he is convicted.”

Obama Administration Halts Work on Amnesty Program

“A series of legal setbacks have halted the government’s intensive preparations to move forward with President Obama’s executive actions shielding millions of illegal immigrants from deportation, even as community organizations continue a rapid push to get ready for the programs, according to U.S. officials and immigrant advocacy groups,” the Washington Post reports.

“Since a federal judge first blocked the new programs in February, the Department of Homeland Security has suspended plans to hire up to 3,100 new employees, most of whom would be housed in an 11-story building the government has leased for $7.8 million a year in Arlington, Va. That building, in the Crystal City area, is now sitting mostly unused, DHS employees say.”

DHS Issued Directive to Patch Systems Against Hacking

“The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) issued a first-of-its-kind emergency directive in May, requiring all federal agencies to patch critical network vulnerabilities within 30 days, Federal News Radio reported Monday. The alert came weeks after the DHS discovered hackers had made off with millions of federal workers’ records. It also came after the agencies connected a string of at least nine cyberattacks on industry and government over the past year,” The Hill reports.

Family Detention Faces Legal Challenge

“After tens of thousands of migrant families, most from Central America, crossed the Rio Grande into Texas last summer, the government poured millions of dollars into two large detention centers meant to hold women and children — and keep more from coming,” Breitbart News reported.

“But as U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement expands the centers to make space for the next wave of arrivals, the agency faces legal and political challenges that could shut them down. And a new flow of migrants raises questions as to whether the strategy has deterred migration at all.”

Coulter: No Immigration for 10 Years

“In an appearance on ‘Fox and Friends Weekend’ on Saturday, Ann Coulter, author of ‘¡Adios, America! — The Left’s Plan to Turn Our Country into a Third World Hellhole,’ was asked what her solution would be to fix issues with immigration,” Breitbart News says.

“Coulter, as she had in a previous media appearance. replied that she would shut down immigration for 10 years and shut down all organizations tied to assisting immigrants.”

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  1. avatar Donald Cee says:

    Good story here from Marketplace.oorg.

    “It turns out that green cards are for sale. For $500,000, well-off foreigners can jump to the head of a very long line of people who want to move to the U.S., as long as each investment creates at least 10 jobs. In return, foreigners can obtain legal residency in as little as 22 months, as opposed to several years for other visa programs.

    The EB-5 visa “is like a fastpass at Disneyland,” said Clem Turner, a lawyer at Homeier & Law, who advises companies on these types of deals. “Your not circumventing, but a 10-year process is becoming one year.”

  2. Before We Became a 3rd World Country

    Manufacturing and automobile sales lead the advertiser block at sporting events.

    Now its Subway and fast food.

  3. avatar JB says:

    Fact: Hispanics make up about 17% of the US population but make up about 33% (almost double) of those receiving housing assistance.

    • avatar Leland says:

      Their use of Medicaid, which is for those under 65 and low income, is about 30% of the total program. I voted for Hillary in the 08 primaries because I knew in the past she had been tough on illegal immigration, among other reasons. Now she promises to out pander the panderer in chief. It doesn’t seem to be doing her much good though. Her lead over most of the Republican candidates has really slipped.

      • And Now Medicaid is Watered Down With Uninsured

        So they added little or no money to it, and cut all its benefits….our disabled and elderly legal citizens have Medicaid, but it doesn’t cover a lot of doctor visits or prescriptions, let alone it cut dental years ago. Its become an useless placebo insurance plan for Obamacare. The best you’ll get is nurses at clinics to hand you aspirin.

  4. avatar Leland says:

    As usual, the reaction to Ann Coulter’s remarks are little more than the traditional foot stomping and pointing fingers and charging racism. What the critics can’t do is refute the facts and figures she offers.

    Which is, compared to their share of the population Hispanics are far more likely to get government welfare programs, be high school dropouts, be single mothers as teenagers, and more likely to be gang members. All those things, combined with the fact that a lot are low income, means they are on average going to be a drain on government coffers, not contributors.

    And the usual racial pot stirring by the media over the weekend. They show the final 20 seconds of the pool party incident, when the cops had already been there for a half hour. People who had no permission to be there and were repeatedly told to leave refused to do so, and those in the crowd who had been warned to back off continued to advance on an officer who had no idea of their intentions. It’s very simple, obey the cops. But we have created this victim mentality in this country and the press feeds on it, to the detriment of the truth.