Today’s Immigration Headlines – May 26, 2015

Appeals Court Won’t Lift Injunction Stopping Obama Amnesty Program

“A federal appeals court refused Tuesday to allow the implementation, for now, of President Obama’s executive action that could shield from deportation as many as 5 million illegal immigrants,” Fox News reported.

“The U.S. Justice Department had asked the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals to reverse U.S. District Judge Andrew Hanen’s earlier decision temporarily halting the administration’s plan. Hanen issued the temporary hold in February, after 26 states filed a lawsuit alleging Obama’s action was unconstitutional.”

Court Declines to Issue Injunction Against H-4 Visa Change by Obama Administration

“Technology workers who say they lost their jobs to immigrant workers lost their bid to halt President Obama’s latest guest-worker program after a court ruled Sunday evening that they couldn’t prove the new workers would specifically compete with them. Federal District Judge Tanya S. Chutkan’s ruling means Mr. Obama’s controversial program can go into effect Tuesday as planned,” the Washington Times writes.

Keeping Illegal Aliens Out of the Military Excites the Ire of Libertarians

“If Cesar Vargas ever becomes a military lawyer, the terrorists will have already won. Or so says Dave Brat, the Virginia Republican who beat House Majority Leader Eric Cantor in a primary contest a little less than a year ago. Brat says people such as Vargas represent nothing less than the decline of Western civilization,” writes A. Barton Hinkle at Reason Magazine.

New Ad Targets Population Connection to California Water Crisis

“In a television commercial that has aired across the state, a young boy asks: ‘If Californians are having fewer children, why isn’t there enough water?’” the LA Times reported.

“The ad is part of a wider media campaign blaming California’s historic drought on the state’s large number of immigrants. The group that paid for it, Californians for Population Stabilization, has long called for stricter enforcement of immigration laws, arguing that the state’s natural resources cannot sustain high levels of population growth.”

David Frum Points Out Immigration Connection to California Water Crisis

“David Frum, a conservative pundit and senior editor at The Atlantic, wants to know why The New York Times isn’t putting more emphasis on immigration in its coverage of the California water crisis. In a pair of tweets Friday, Frum criticized the Times for not including more references to the state’s “immigration-driven population surge” in its reporting on the crisis,” says the Huffington Post.

Can Rubio Make Peace on Immigration?

“Some conservatives wrote off Marco Rubio as a prospective candidate for president because of the Florida Republican’s work on, and advocacy for, the Gang of Eight immigration reform bill. The first-term senator began to talk about that legislation as a mistake, though, as he moved toward his April 13 announcement that he was formally entering the race for the White House,” the Daily Signal says.

“Although not straining to bring up what to do about immigrants already in the country illegally, Rubio, who turned 44 this month, appears to be increasingly comfortable explaining why he decided they should wait longer before the government considers legal status for them.”

U.K. and U.S. Diverge on Immigration Enforcement

“Fresh off his Conservative party’s reelection victory this month, British Prime Minister David Cameron proposed a sweeping crackdown on illegal immigrants and employers who hire them that would allow confiscating illegals’ paychecks and cutting government benefits for legal immigrants. The announcement came after reports that net immigration into Britain in 2014 reached a near record at 318,000, an increase of more than 100,000 from the previous year,” The Blaze notes.

“Though Cameron and President Barack Obama have displayed a close friendship — with the president reportedly calling the prime minister “bro” — the two leaders have starkly different approaches to immigration.”

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  2. Disney Brings in IT Workers from India to Replace the Existing Legal Citizen ITs

    For the legal citizens to train and we can’t prove they’re replacing us?

  3. California’s Population Stability Group

    Clearly throws a creamed pie in the faces of open border pundits ignoring immigration overpopulation and the state’s worsening water crisis.

  4. avatar No Change says:

    ACTUALLY David Brat is the degradation and decline of what we once had: a power……..

  5. avatar Leland says:

    Don’t worry about what Marco Rubio’s position on amnesty is. By next week he will have a new one. Against it in his 2010 Senate race, then for it when he got to the Senate, against it when conservatives berated him for it, and now willing to discuss it again.

    BTW, Rubio and Cruz both voted yes on fast track authority for the TPP free trade deal which will cede a lot of power to foreign corporate interests. The only Republicans who voted against it were Susan Collins, Mike Lee, Richard Shelby, Rand Paul, and Jeff Sessions.

    Sessions, who is the only person who has been entirely consistent on amnesty, said this:
    “For too long, the US has entered into trade deals on the promise of economic bounty, only to see workers impoverished, and industries disappear.”

    He’s correct of course, but you will rarely see the facts reported in the media about how all these past trade deals just exploded our deficits with other countries.