Today’s Immigration Headlines -May 20, 2015

Court Case on Family Detention Could Affect 2016

“Thanks to a little-watched court case in California, the Obama administration’s immigration policy faces a shake-up next week—and the court’s ruling could reverberate in the 2016 presidential campaign,” Newsweek reports.

“At issue is whether it’s legal to essentially lock up women and children who’ve crossed the border illegally, part of the administration’s response to last summer’s unaccompanied-minors crisis. Lawyers for some of these families sued the government, and last month, a U.S. District judge in Los Angeles issued a tentative ruling, a summary of which was obtained by Newsweek, stating that the administration policy violates a settlement in a 1997 immigration case, Flores v. Meese.”

GOP Lobbyists Press Amnesty

“Outside conservative groups are pressuring GOP leaders to take up targeted immigration reforms ahead of the 2016 elections. The immigration issue has sharply divided Republicans, and GOP leaders have largely shied away from it in recent years, if only to avoid highlighting that internal discord, a concern that’s particularly pronounced heading into a high-stakes presidential election year,” The Hill reports.

Walker Says He Didn’t Flip Position on Immigration

“Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) defended his rightward shift on immigration against charges of flip-flopping leveled by Fox News anchor Brett Baier in an interview Tuesday,” The Hill reported.

“The Wisconsin governor argued that when he previously voiced support for a pathway to citizenship for those in the country illegally, it was years ago, first as a county official, and later as governor. He argued he had no “impact” on federal immigration policy in those roles and was merely “giving a quick momentary reaction” to a question from a national reporter. ‘A flip would be someone who voted on something and did something different,’ Walker said. ‘These are not votes. I don’t have any impact as a governor and I don’t have any impact as a former county official.’”

Ariz. Sheriff Babeu Says New Police Report Latest Obama Non-Enforcement Effort

Pinal County, AZ Sheriff Paul Babeu (R) declared ‘the president doesn’t agree with us’ that illegal immigrants who commit violent crimes should be deported on Tuesday’s ‘Your World with Neil Cavuto’ on the Fox News Channel,” Breitbart News reports.

“He added that there was a message being sent to local law enforcement that they shouldn’t bother trying to catch illegal immigrants.”

Legal Immigrants Funding Amnesty For Illegal Aliens

“When President Obama effectively granted amnesty to nearly 5 million illegal aliens in December, I reported that the funding to pay for new programs would come directly from fees paid by legal immigrants through the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services. This fact still remains true,” says Katie Pavlich at

“Thanks to recent Obama administration policy (and administrations prior), legal immigrants are constantly being put to the back of the line with longer wait times to accommodate law breakers first. Wait times for the legal process have jumped from five months to nearly two years. Americans with spouses who aren’t citizens are supposed to be given priority for expedited visas, but they too have been bumped down the list to accommodate illegal immigrants and their children.”

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  1. avatar Fred floyd says:

    The family detention lawsuit is bizzare, since these aliens are being detained voluntarily. They forced themselves upon border agents, saying please detain us. I guess the agents should have refused. Fend for yourselves.

  2. I’ll Repeat Myself

    Attorneys would be standing in soup lines if it weren’t for the “cash cow” waste of federal government debt on immigration litigation.

  3. avatar SecBorders says:

    U.S. Charges Six Chinese Citizens With Economic Espionage
    The Wall Street Journal
    May 20, 2015

    —-The Justice Department is accusing six Chinese citizens with conspiring to steal technology from two Silicon Valley companies.

    Six Chinese citizens, including three professors who trained together at the University of Southern California, stole sensitive wireless technology from U.S. companies and spirited it back to China, the Justice Department charged.

    As the WSJ’s Andrew Grossman reports:

    The six individuals allegedly swiped trade secrets from U.S. companies Avago Technologies and Skyworks Solutions Inc. relating to how to filter out unwanted signals in wireless devices, according to an indictment unsealed late Monday.

    They then set up a joint venture with China’s state-controlled Tianjin University to produce and sell equipment using the technology, according to the indictment, and won contracts from both businesses and “military entities.”
    The U.S. companies supply components for Apple’s iPhone, among other devices. Authorities said the case demonstrates persistent efforts to steal American technology developed in places like Silicon Valley, where Avago’s U.S. operations are based.

    “Sensitive technology developed by U.S. companies in Silicon Valley and throughout California continues to be vulnerable to coordinated and complex efforts sponsored by foreign governments to steal that technology,” San Francisco U.S. Attorney Melinda Haag, whose office is prosecuting the case, said Tuesday.

    • avatar Leland says:

      I saw this story. And yet here we are, letting our educational and business systems be used to train citizens of a country that is hostile to us both economically and militarily. Because we’re too politically correct to say we should
      not be allowing this.